Whom to Contact

GNLU – Who Is Your Contact Person?

No Purpose Staff Email ID
1. Appointments with Director Mr. Shashibhushan Sharma
2. Appointments with Registrar Mr. Anilkumar Tiwari
3. Appointments with Academic Affairs and all types of student certificates and other academic related information Mr. Jatinkumar Patel
4. Alumni Affairs Dr. Saurabh Anand
5. Research and Development Cell Dr. Viral Pandya
6. Chief Warden Dr. Mahesh Chaudhary
7. Ph.D. related information Mr. Gopal Bhatt
8. LL.M. related information Mr. Jatinkumar Patel
9. Admission related information Mr. Malav Buch
10. Training Programme related information Mr. Bharat Chawda
11. External Relations (Global outreach, Legal Education Project, PSU) Dr. Niyati Pandey
12. Awards, Scholarships & Exchange Committee Dr. Vikas Gandhi
13. Digital Media & Press Mr. Ashok Shah
14. Human Resource Management and Security, Housekeeping, Transport Mr. Rahul Pandya
15. Examination related information Mr. Sachin R. Jadav
16. Accounts & Finance related information Ms. Reena S.
17. Internship & Placement of University students Ms. Nisha Trivedi
18. Library related information Mr. Antim Patel
19. ICT related information and website update Mr. Rajesh Dave
20. Batch Coordinators
(Attendance, project submissions, continuous evaluations schedule, goodness records, student performance records, mentoring, academic halls infrastructure, appointment with faculty members, daily class schedule, and such other administrative and academic matters)
UG 2023-2028 Batch – Mr. Jatinkumar Patel
UG 2022-2027 Batch – Mr. Abhay Mahapatra
UG 2021-2026 Batch – Mr. Irfan Patadiya
UG 2020-2025 Batch – Mr. Kedarnath Brahmbhatt
UG 2019-2024 Batch – Mr. Girish Prajapati
LLM 2023 Batch – Mr. Jatinkumar Patel
21. Statutory Bodies matters Mr. Shashibhushan Sharma
22. RTI related matters Mr. Malav Buch
23. BCI, UGC, NAAC related matters Ms. Amilie Christy
24. Hostel Administration Mr. Bharatkumar Chawda
25. Medical and hospital related matters Dr. Kunjbihari Mehta
26. Training and VIP Residency related matters Mr. Jignesh Patel
27. General Mr. Anilkumar Tiwari