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Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee, popularly known as SAC is an organization of students who work to promote extra-curricular activities in the University. The various student activities organized by the SAC offer students, the much needed ‘break’ from the busy, officious and monotonous schedule of Law School. The SAC caters to diverse student interests varying from cultural pursuits like Music and Dance to literary activities Elocutions, Quizzing and Parliamentary Debating. The Literary-Entertainment Club of SAC is also affiliated with the online students magazine, Jury’s Out. Specific student involvements in Films, Books, etc are also nurtured by the SAC. The SAC consists of ten clubs, with the Gaming Club introduced for the first time, which address the varied student interests.

The SAC also takes pride in organizing the annual five day inter-university literary and cultural fest -‘Pentagram’. The event is scheduled during the month of February and has successfully organized 2 National level editions of the fest. This student extravaganza is marked by different themes on the five days. Students challenge each other in an all-encompassing range of activities. The main 3 days of the event usually commence by some merriment and fun during the cultural display by the students themselves named ‘GNLU Pro Nite’ and ends on a high note with the final “Closing Nite” which involves performances by some of the best musicians of the country.

The student selections to join the SAC are usually held in July at the beginning of each academic year. The Faculty Coordinators of the SAC interview interested students and identify the creative and managerial skills in them.

Committee Members:
  • Convenor: Dr.Asha Verma
  • Member: Dr Fakkiresh S. Sakkarnaikar
  • Member: Ms Niyati Pandey
  • Ex- Officio Member: Dean, Student's Welfare
  • Member: Mr Girish Prajapati
Office Bearers:
  • Student Convenor: Pundrikaksh Mitruka
  • Student Co-Convenor: Rishab Kala
  • General Secretary: Vishwa Shah
  • Tresurer:  Siddanth Abrol
  • Co-Tresurer: Pranay Gulati
  • E Mail:

Pentagram 2018

Pentagram lasted for 3 days. The first day was greeted by the Dance competition (solo, duet and group dance) and the second day, the solo singing competition and the Battle of bands were given the spotlight. After the battle of bands, the event was closed by the enthralling performances by the troop from Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Gujarat Chapter. The last day of the Pentagram was all focused for the performing artist, Kailash Kher, where the event witnessed a footfall of over 10000 people.

A lot of clubs such the Art club worked behind the scenes, making and putting up decorations throughout the night to make pentagram a success.

The following events were organised during the fest.

  • English Dialogue Delivery
  • Hindi Dialogue Delivery
  • Street Play
  • Long Play
  • EngMad Ads
  • Script Writing
  • Waste to Wealth
  • Graffiti
  • Face Painting
  • Mela Quiz
  • Sports Quiz
  • SGeneral Quiz
  • Business Quiz
  • Write-a- thon
  • Jam
  • Pictionary
  • Dumb Charades
  • Air Crash
  • English Speech Making
  • Hindi Speech Making
  • Oscar Quiz
  • Kaun Banega Filmi Bhoot
  • Film Review
  • Beginning of a New End
  • Antakshari
  • FIFA Tournament
  • Counter Strike Tournament

Photography competitions and Flashmob were held online.

The Inter College Pro Nite was held on the first night of the fest. Various colleges took part in the dance and singing events. On the second night of the fest, Indian Comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath hosted a comedy talk.

On the final day of the Fest, the committee organised a concert by Salim-Sulaeman, the same was a huge success and saw a footfall of 4000 people.

Music Club

The Music Club, being an integral and vibrant part of the SAC, aims at using Music and all its merits as a tool for not only rejuvenation, but cultural development. Every member of this Club is involved in either displaying an already existing musical talent or, more importantly, building one.

Basically the music club is in charge of all the music related events conducted in college right from regularly held acoustic nights to the Pro Nite event held during Pentagram. The club is also responsible for the various music competitions as a part of the Music Club events during Pentagram. Our foremost agenda is to increase participation and give a chance to everybody who is wanting to sing or perform.


  • Club Head: Akhil Ramesh
  • Member: Nabarun Ray
  • Member: Pratyush J
  • Member: Ruhani
  • Member: Surabhi
  • Member: Dannish
  • Member: Karthik
  • Member: Anjali
  • Member: Anjali
  • Member: Sumit Khare

The Committee commenced it's role with a seminar with distinguished persons from the Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration, lecturing the interested students of GNLU about the importance of the Civil Services. The Committee has conducted many such events with the active support of both retired and serving civil servants and resource persons from premier coaching institutes in Gujarat and New Delhi. The Committee provides high quality coaching and facilitation to the students.

Theatre Club

"The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation" -Stella Adler

The Theatre club, right from its inception, has intended to awaken and enlighten the creative souls lying deep within the students. Being one the most loved and appreciated club of the university it has from time to time given the audience reasons enough to love it even more. There’s a star in each one of us and we at theatre club aim at bringing that star out and making it even brighter.

The club frequently conducts screenings of plays ranging from Shakespeare to Premchand and Girish Karnad. There are numerous workshops and training sessions held throughout the year in order to discover theatrical skills in the newbies and to hone similar skills in those who have already proved their mettle. It encourages students to be as original as possible and to get over the shyness that may come in their way up to the stage. The presentations of the theatre club range from stage plays and street plays to dialogue delivery and monologues competitions.

The club aims at touching the hearts of all either through comedy, tragedy or through gravity.

Dance Club

"Dance is a Heart form and not an art form" - Mia Micheals

Dance is a synergy between mind and body, that ends the dichotomy between the two by bringing them together. It unifies a distinct blend of socially cognizant lyrics, and captivating rhythms. It is not a trendy movement of our body to some random tunes, but rather an aesthetic connection established by the body to the soul.

To motivate students in our University towards this spiritual experience, the Dance Club, comes up with activities throughout the year. We make sure that at least one workshop is conducted every year, and the students themselves select the dance form. Popular dance forms selected by students are Hip- hop and Ballroom.

The Dance Club, which is an integral part of the SAC, is responsible for organizing dance events, whereas the ad-hoc club represents the University.

Footloose, an informal dance event is conducted almost every month to bring out the innate dancers present in all. Random names are called out during this event and people get to go crazy on the floor for that allotted minute. Dance Club (ad-hoc), has come out with a new initiative since 2013 to present at least one choreographed piece during this fun filled event.

The troupe formed from the Dance Club has represented the University in various fests, and has made a mark for itself.


Film Club

The objective of the movie club is to promote cinema in the college and bring together everyone to explore, reflect and discuss movies and the message being communicated through the films.

This is intended to be done through regular film screenings and other events and calling resource persons (directors, producers, etc.) for discussions with the students. Popular or obscure, the screenings introduce students to cinema from around the world to supplement the experience in the cultural hotpot that is a national university. All Pentagram Movie screenings have brought audiences together and driven them apart in opinion and reviews.

The club also plans to screen short films and socio-legal documentaries in collaboration with different organizations and sensitize students towards various socio-legal issues. Apart from this, the club also plans to organize quizzes and movie review competitions and hold a filmmaking workshop as well.

Photography Club

"A good picture keeps the the best moments from running away"

The photography club at GNLU, aims to capture such moments. The club is made up of people who see their camera as a medium through which they can express themselves; after all a picture is worth a thousand words. The club organised various trips to places around the city for photography enthusiasts to play with their cameras. The club also organises various photography events from time to time and holds Aperture an inter college photography competition during Pentagram, the annual college fest.

It's not necessary to have a DSLR to join the club, the only thing that matters is your love for photography.

Fine Arts Club

"Ever want a picture with a cardboard Rajnikanth? Pose with a crazy hairdo in front of socially accepted posters while a professional photographer captures the perfect candid moment? Well, look no further; the SAC proudly presents its Fine Arts Club.

One would consider the grey buildings to get monotonous, but during the College Fest, the Fine Arts club unleashes a creative outburst to light the place (We kid you not; We lit the place up with giant boxes spelling "Pentagram"). With coloured birds hanging between lampposts, pinwheels on a grey wall and caricatures of jack sparrow and Gabbar Singh up, the campus truly looked like it was bursting with life.

The Fine Arts Club further undertakes various competitions such as collage making, poster making, rangoli, face painting and a first time success; an object made purely of resources that were wasted. It tries to stay as proactive as it can throughout the year by encouraging students to let their artistic talent evolve.

This club truly depicts exactly how creative a law students mind can get;it's just that this time, we choose to use paint instead of a pamphlet."

Literary – Entertainment Club

The Literature & Entertainment club caters to lovers of books, poetry, TV shows, comics, internet media and all those miscellaneous interests that the fun-loving people of the have. While handling interest groups on networking sites for literary and entertainment news and views, it also aims to bring to GNLU interactions, presentations and discussions with reading groups, book recommendation groups, book exchanges, poetry slams, open-mic events, TV show screenings etc. all on the cards. With full understanding that many of the interests it caters to can be niche ones, it nonetheless aims to make sure that every enthusiast has someone to share their interest with.

Alongside this, it also aims to bring about creative writing competitions and workshops in the long run. It is also affiliated with the college's student magazine, Jury's Out. The e-magazine covers the news and views of students and the most happening events on campus. It also presents opinions on current affairs and law, entertainment reviews and round-ups, sports articles and showcases creative talents.

The club also hosts dumbcherades, pictionary and JAM events intermittently.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club has been an active cell of the SAC since 2009. Over the last few years, especially since 2012, quizzing in GNLU has been taken to greater heights thanks to the inception of the GNLU Quizzing League (a brain-child of the students of the 2008 batch). Regular quizzing sessions are conducted at least 3-4 times a month with the quizzes covering a myriad of topics and themes including general, entertainment, sports, music, literature, business, etc. Quizzing is one of the most popular activities in the University. Apart from the League, specific theme – based quizzes are also conducted occasionally. It is open for any student to conduct a quiz on a voluntary-basis and participation is open to all students and staff. The quiz club also has a strong online presence on social networking websites. The quiz events conducted at the annual festival, Pentagram, see maximum participation from both students of the University and participants from outside. GNLU has become a force to be reckoned with in quizzes conducted in the Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar region.


You may not be able to play sports, you may not be able to show your friends how good are you with an AK 47 that is why we the gaming club let you do all that in the virtual world, from fifa to Counter Strike, you name the game and we'll make it happen, never has a gaming club been formed in gnlu and this being the first time we assure you that its events are going to be tone of the most exciting and thrilling that this college has witnessed.

Our agenda is to conduct fifa and counter-strike tournaments in college and a good turn out is expected, looking at the number of people who are involved in gaming in this college, and we hope it is a big success and that it carries on in this college.