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Faculty Name Subject /Batch Student Testimonials
AMBATI, Nageswara Rao Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "Making us watch documentaries to understand the topics better was a great idea, and worth continuing. We did delay with our submissions, but the fact that you were always ready to guide and help us beyond the course, was a great motivator." (2014 Batch)
ASTON, Joshua N. Dr Law of Contract – I (Batch: 2013-2018) "He is a good teacher who binds the whole class and let the class learn with fun… " (2013 Batch)
Thomas Le Tallec and Maximilian Fritz "You were always there for us at the GNLU and we really wanted to thank you for that. In fact, as you may know, there are a lot of differences between France or Germany and India (may it be between the Universities or the culture in general) and you made our year at the GNLU as good as possible. We hope to see you at the convocation in February for the LLM Batch! Thank you once again.." (LLM (2015)
PRINCEL MECWAN "I am very glad to inform you that right now I am studying "Indian Contract Act 1872" which was taught by you during GIBCLA - 2017 at GNLU. I could study the topic with more clarity because of you. Not only that but I could raise the points which were important and not covered by the faculty. It would have been much better if you had taught it once again in deep. I hope to see you at CHARUSAT. I show my sincere feeling of gratitude to you. "
BHAGI, Avinash Mr Constitutional Law-I (Batch: 2013-2018) "One of the best Faculties ever. He was instrumental in arousing my interest in Constitution. He couldn't complete the syllabus but whatever he taught was simply amazing" (2013 Batch)
Constitutional Law-I (Batch: 2012-2017) "Thank you Avinash sir for teaching so nicely just because of your teaching I was able to develop more and more interest in consti 1." (2012 Batch)
Constitutional Law-II (Constitutional Bodies) (Batch: 2012-2017)
  • "Constitutional law has been an easy subject to grasp only because of him." (2012 Batch)
  • "Especially I like the way he tells what he expects from students in the answer paper and his classes help a lot while preparing for exams." (2012 Batch)
BISWAL, Mamata Dr Corporate Law-II (Batch: 2010-2015)
  • "Faculties like Dr. Mamata Biswal inspire us to go beyond bookish knowledge and dive deep into the practical applicability of the subject. From the very first class people can relate to what she is teaching as she tries to put all concept in such simplified terms that listening to her class in enough to grasp the subject. Further, she is one of the very few faculties who bring the latest judicial decisions as almost all the judgments taught by her are as recent as 2010 and later." (2010 Batch)
  • Then the assignments given by her not only helped us to know the subject more but use our mental faculties to arrive at conclusions which have tremendously helped clear our basic concepts and which are very essential as a lot of us are looking forward to careers which would involve a lot of corporate Law. Even though the new Companies Act was enacted almost half way through the semester she made sure that we knew the important changes effected by the same. Thank You Ma’am for being such a helpful and approachable faculty. We owe a lot to you." (2010 Batch)
Corporate Law-I (Batch: 2011-2016) "Best Mam!" (2011 Batch)
BUCH, Nidhi Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "I would like to thank Nidhi Ma'am for a enlightening semester and acquaint us with the fundamental principles and legal mechanisms which we be beneficial in subsequent times. I would individually like to thank her for the way she taught and though this subject is more doctrinal, she made us think and critically analyse all legal procedures." (2014Batch)
Advance Legal Drafting (Batch: 2009-2014) "A brilliant faculty to have in the fifth year." (2009 Batch)
CHAUDHARY, Mahesh Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "Very good with his subject." (2014 Batch)
CHAUDHARY, Sanjeev Kumar Mr Clinical Paper-II (PIL) (Batch: 2009-2014) "He is a very passionate about the law. He possesses good knowledge of law as well. Overall he is a good faculty and with a few more years of experience he will ripen into great one." (2009 Batch)
DUBE, Pratima Ms Batch: 2014-2019 "The classroom was very interactive and this made the class very interesting." (2014Batch)
Communicative English (Batch: 2013-2018) "Classes are fun and informative." (2013 Batch)
Girish R. Dr Batch: 2012-2017 "It has been a wonderful experience to have studied from Girish Sir. It is my request to him that he undertake a subject in the higher semesters as well. This will be very helpful for all students as he possesses a unique sense of clarity in his concepts which is not easily found in many others." (2012 Batch)
Constitutional Law-III (Batch: 2011-2015) "One of the Best Faculty GNLU has created plus the best person on Earth!" (2011 Batch)
GANDHI, Vikas Dr Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law (Batch: 2010-2015)
  • "Course content is quite comprehensive. Upcoming issues and cases of Tribunals have been introduced." (2010 Batch)
  • "The Subject was taught with significant ease and finesse by Vikas Sir." (2010 Batch)
GOSWAMI, Garima Ms Trust Equity and Fiduciary Relationship (Batch: 2012-2017) "She made the subject easy by explaining the trust act in very simple terms and that helps during exams. Her evaluation pattern was also good." (2012 Batch)
GOSWAMI, Sushil Mr Batch: 2012-2017 "He is brilliant in class-clear and concise in teaching. Interactive atmosphere. Even outside the class, he does his best to aid us with anything possible." (2012 Batch)
Family Law-II (Batch:2011-2016) "A great faculty of Family Law." (2011 Batch)
Family Law-II ( Batch: 2010-2015 ) "Thank you for holding immense patience and teaching with never-fading enthusiasm. While the preparation and thereby explanations in class of family law matters have been outstanding..." (2010 Batch)
Jagdeesh Chandra T. G. Dr Batch: 2012-2017 "He was simply brilliant, and his method of bringing in real life situations to explain the nuances of Evidence Law made me sit up in class and listen to him in rapture. He has been a faculty whose class I have never missed, and on the off-chance that have, I have done so only out of compulsion. This is because each of his classes has been a pleasure to attend. I hope our batch will be taught by him again in near future. He is definitely a faculty member the entire batch loves and respects a lot." (2012 Batch)
MALIK, Aruna Kumar Dr Public Policy, Administration and Governance ( Batch: 2011-2016) "His course outline covered all major aspects of the subject and it gave a overall knowledge of subject.” (2011 Batch)
Marisport A. Mr Clinical Paper-II (PIL) (Batch: 2009-2014)
  • "Very sound in the manner he imparts his statements. Known to be a very patient listener and timely incorporates suggestions made by the students regarding the teaching style and course content." (2009 Batch)
  • "The modules are very relevant and induce an environment conducive to academic debate and learning." (2009 Batch)
Litigation Management – Civil and Criminal) (Batch: 2009-2014) "One of the most helpful faculty present in GNLU." (2009 Batch)
MISHRA, Satya Ranjan Mr Financial Institutions and market (Batch: 2011-2016) "Will miss the faculty!" (2011 Batch)
NAGAR, Ranita Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "Excellent classroom environment. Discussions were allowed which helped in gaining concept clarity. It was amazing how each concept was related to law." (2014Batch) "I would like to thank ma’am for introducing to us the intellectual forum of law and economics. The way she made us apply all the economic theories to real world scenarios were momentous in their holistic understanding." (2014 Batch)
NUNES, William Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "The political science class was always interesting as the syllabus was not based on lectures but debates. Each and every concept was supported by videos and modern day news. The class was very interesting because sir accepted our personal opinions as long as we are able to justify it. All the reading materials were received on time." (2014Batch) "He had appropriately designed and managed the course module. The class environment was one of enlightenment and learning where we were able to think and critically analyze the topics being taught. The way William Sir emphasizes on developing one’s own thought and question all kinds of prejudiced notions prevalent should be appreciated. The projects and its execution relied mainly on expressing ones own views. I would like to thank him for an enlightening and eventful semester."
Introduction to Political Science (Batch: 2013-2018) "In the 1st semester, the faculty was really good, they had created such an environment in the class and outside that students were able to communicate freely to them and we thanks our faculty for this, Humbly Regards to them.” (2013 Batch)
Political Theory (Batch: 2013-2018) "Very Interesting lectures delivered along with excellent encouragement of class participation. This semester in particular was better as Sir used more forms of explanation like clippings and songs to teach a topic." (2013 Batch)
PANDYA, Viral Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "He is the best teacher that I have observed this semester and hope that other faculty learn from his teaching method as he actually makes the subject way more interesting than it actually is." (2014Batch) He is THE BEST teacher of GNLU. He is perfect in all aspects."(2014Batch)
PATEL, Bimal N. Dr Batch: 2014-2019 My overall experience at GNLU after two years was really good. I was overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness of the Faculty and Administration, and it felt like home again. I was really happy seeing the development of our campus and finding out about new courses and facilities. It is heartening to find out the new ranking of our University as well. I must congratulate you for that Sir.(2014Batch)
Batch: 2012-2015 Dear Sir,

I write to you to express my gratitude and appreciation at your prompt response and assurance to help me with the visa crisis.

I received an email confirming the receipt of my visa at the consular office today and shall shortly be collecting it in person.

It is indeed an unprecedented situation where the head of an institution personally steps in to help an alumnus without having shared a personal rapport with her. While I have been a part of both UNDP and UNICEF for ad-hoc projects, I have always done so in my personal capacity and never had the opportunity (unfortunately) to work under you for a project. If I may add, I believe these gestures are what sets and shall always set GNLU apart in the hierarchy of law schools and their respective administrations in the country! My best wishes to the university and all its initiatives and endeavours.

May I also thank Professor Aston for being in touch with my personal details at the earliest instance.

And lastly, the task shall remain incomplete without thanking Vijay Bhai and Malav Bhai. Kindly convey my best wishes to them!

With gratitude and regards,

Esha Meher
Batch: 2012-2015 Respected Sir,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I, Mrunali Kikani (15LM28) have been selected on 3rd rank as Judicial Magistrate First Class and Civil Judge Junior in Gujarat Judicial Services 2017 recruitment.

Sir, I do not have words to express my gratitude towards the institution. I dedicate my success to all teachers at GNLU where I actually learned what is meant to be a Judicial Officer and how he should be. I still remember the day when you gave me your valuable guidance on my Dissertation upon Judicial Appointments in context of Judicial Independence. Sir, I am stepping in the institution (Judiciary) with all those virtues and vows that you explained a Judicial officer must have. I know that the journey will be tough for those who want to change the system but, the Aashirvaad of all my Gurus will be the eternal source of strength.

Pranam !!

Mrunali Jigishkumar Kikani

(LLM - Batch 2015)
SAKKARNAIKAR, Fakkiresh S. Dr Jurisprudence (Batch: 2013-2018) "He encourages students to think and appreciates the same."(2013 Batch)
Legal Theory (Batch: 2012-2017) "Legal theory is such a good subject and getting faculty like fakkiresh sir is adding feather to its cap thank you sir for teaching so nicely giving daily life examples to understand easily overall very nice experience." (2012 Batch)
Interpretation of Statutes (Batch: 2012-2017) "The best thing about the class was he did Not just rely on books and went beyond it and I think that is what interpretation is all about. I specially think he was able to deliver the subject very enthusiastically and with great energy that made students refer the books. Overall it made the subject interesting." (2012 Batch)
MULCHANDANI, Richa Dr Batch: 2014-2019 "The class was very interesting not only because of the discussions but also because each concept was taught with its modern day relevance." (2014 Batch)
History (Batch: 2013-2018) "The documentaries shown by Dr. Richa Sharma were absolutely brilliant and stimulated our interest in the subject. I Hope she continues same for the incoming batches as well." (2013 Batch)
Legal History of India (Batch: 2010-2015) "Richa Mam is a very loving and kind professor." (2010 Batch)
SHAIKH, Mobin Dr Managerial Accounting (Batch: 2013-2018) "Every teacher should be like him." (2013 Batch)
SEBASTIAN, Tania Ms Trust Equity and Fiduciary Relationship (Batch: 2009-2014) "An extremely active and exuberant teacher.” (2009 Batch)
Batch: 2014-2019 "The class was made very interesting as videos were used. The overall classroom environment was very interactive. All the doubts were also dealt with at the time when they were asked." (2014Batch)
SHENOY, Rujitha Ms International Trade & Business Law (Batch: 2009-2014) "No suggestions. An extremely kind and helpful teacher." (2009 Batch)
SINGH, Ravindra Kumar Dr Law of Contracts-II (Batch: 2012-2017 ) "Exceptional Teacher. The Best Faculty." (2012 Batch)
Batch: 2012-2017 I am interning at Luthra and Luthra Law offices, Delhi, with the Real Estate team. And your lectures on Transfer of Property Act have been immensely helpful in my research here. So much so, I could quickly answer and complete a long going on research because I could recall a case law ( namely Zoroastrian Co-operative Housing Society v. District Registrar Cooperative Societies, SC 2005) taught in class. I couldn't wait to thank you for your lectures and the effort you put in to bring to your students the most relevant case laws and issues.
Advanced Contract ( Batch: 2011-2016) "This course is helping me immensely during my internship. It is one of the most practical subject that has been taught which is actually being helpful while we are out on the field." (2011 Batch)
SIVAMANITHAN, S. Mr Batch: 2010-2015 "His innovative techniques like showing documentaries encouraged the student to study the subject. Giving real life examples made the subject more interesting. Thanks Siva sir again in the 10 sem for 2010 batch."
Batch: 2008-2013 "He is an extraordinary teacher and knows the subject he teaches very well." (2008 Batch)
TOMAR, Anjani Singh Dr Taxation II (Batch: 2009-2014) "Ma'am made the classes very interactive and kept us update with the most recent changes in Indirect Tax Law." (2009 Batch)
THAKKAR, Hiteshkumar Dr Money Banking and Public Finance (Batch: 2013-2018) "He is very well versed with the subject. It was a pleasure to be taught by him." (2013 Batch)
Macro Economics (Batch: 2013-2018) "Hitesh Sir has a vast knowledge in the field of economics." (2013 Batch)
TYAGI, Divya Dr Bio Technology (Batch: 2010-2015) "This is one professor, I have never mind being scolded by. That is because he is one of those rare teachers who appreciate you to think and not correct answer scripts on a comparative basis. Now that is one thing, if possible I would love to see inculcated in all professors." (2010 Batch)
Air and Space Law (Batch: 2010-2015) "Please use the rare ability that a teacher like him can provide students. More teachers like him inspire the kind of spark amongst students that at present is unfathomable in this university. He represents the courage patience and humility which makes him a better man and thus a better teacher. It is my heartfelt request that university realizes his potential and values it appropriately. So he stays. Please make him stay. His kind of teachers are integral to this university’s academic standards if at all we aspire to be what we say world class." (2010 Batch)
Udayakumara Ramakrishna B. N. Dr Competition Law (Batch: 2010-2015) "Udaysir is an exceptional teacher, his concepts are impeccable. In fact, I look forward to him teaching us again." (2010 Batch)
VARMA, Asha Dr Labour Law II (Batch: 2009-2014)
  • "Miss Asha Verma is a very kind and patient faculty‚Ķ
  • "She is a brilliant faculty for Labour Law as a whole." (2009 Batch)