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Why To Learn Foreign Language(S) ?

With relaxation of international trade laws, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. European, Asian and American companies have started expanding in Latin and Asian countries to bring down the operations costs; while third-world countries have started reaching out to customers in developed companies for better sales and profits. Consequently, knowledge about one language isn’t enough. It definitely pays to know more than one foreign language.

Benefits Of Learning Multiple Languages
  • Better future prospects with multi-national companies
  • Additional compensation in government organizations
  • Enhances intellect
  • Helps building multitasking skills
  • Improves memory
  • Broadens knowledge base about different cultures
  • Wider scope of travelling across the globe
  • Easy to communicate with extended family living in foreign countries
Foreign Language Courses

Under the Gujarat National Law University programs and under the guidance of BCI each student is required to study one foreign language for first 3 semesters. In these semesters, the students will study their selected language for 120 hours. Each semester will require them to appear for language exams too to ensure their proficiency. At the end of 3 semesters, each student will have completed beginners level of proficiency according to the group (CEFR guidelines) — meaning, they can easily understand and use everyday expressions as well as can interact meaningfully, albeit slowly, in the language of their choice. This elementary knowledge will also help students through basic communication rituals. However, if students want to learn more than the offered course, they will need to opt for advanced courses offered by Hk School of Foreign Languages at GNLU language center on campus.

HSF’s Advanced Programs Include Courses For :
Intermediate Proficiency

Students will develop the communication ability and linguistic competency to engage in conversations about familiar topics.

Advance-1 Proficiency

Students will gain the necessary linguistic and cultural skills to communicate effortlessly with native speakers. They will also be able to conduct any oral or written discussion effectively.

Advance-2 Proficiency

Students will be able to use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.


Students will be as good as native speakers, with ability to differentiate finer shades of meaning. They will be able to express themselves effectively and correctly without any hassles.

Direct Business Proficiency

This course is specifically designed for students who don’t have time to go through all the five levels due to some specific pressing requirements. Designed to train students in almost half the time of the regular courses, Direct Business Proficiency will push the students to the diploma level proficiency.

Custom Course

Designed to address specific needs of students, this course is highly flexible. It will be designed considering the student’s current level of proficiency and goals.

Offered Languages :

Arabic | Chinese | French | German | Japanese | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Swahili

Regional Languages :

Gujarati | Bengali | Hindi | Urdu

Who We Are

Every language is beautiful and fascinating, carrying nuances of culture it originates from. If not understood properly in the context it’s used, the language loses its charm and appeal. That’s where HSF comes in the picture. HSF, founded more than a decade ago, not only understands these nuances but also appreciates them. With offices all over the globe, HSF aims to provide top-notch language translation services for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

HSF also specializes in offering several training programs to help students build a strong career in foreign languages. The programs include courses designed to improve students’ language proficiencies as well as customized courses designed to meet specific needs.

With more than 285 in-house employees and 1,600 translators across the universe, HSF has helped thousands of students mould a lucrative career as well as hundreds of companies reach customers globally to achieve higher profits.

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Faculty :

HSF believes in quality. Consequently all its employees, in-house as well as freelancers, are the best in their respective language fields.

Mr. Adithya Yagnik (Dr.)

Dr. Adithya Yagnik, head of the Linguistic Department with HK School of Foreign Languages (HSF) and head of academics, is a linguistic scholar with knowledge of more than 18 foreign languages. He has a teaching experience of more than 15 years, helping more than 5,800 students – including celebrities and diplomats. Dr. Adithya Yagnik has taught in various elite universities, including University of Wisconsin, IIM-A, NIFT Bangalore, NMIMS, Symbiosis, PDPU and Nirma University of Management.

Ms Lata Nandwani

Ms Nandwani is fluent in Spanish, with a flair for teaching the language. Armed with Superior Diploma in Spanish with First class in C1 Level from University of Barcelona, Nandwani is known for her effective teaching methods. She also has comprehensive knowledge about French history, society and culture. Enthusiastic and flexible, Nandwani is dearly appreciated by students.

Ms Shachi Pandya

Armed with a degree in French, Ms Pandya employs a variety of teaching methods to engage and encourage students’ interest in languages. She uses a student-centric, holistic approach to help students with oral and written foreign language proficiency. Skilled in all aspects of classroom operations and curriculum development, she’s a huge asset for HSF.

Ms Oxana P.

Ms Oxana teaches Russian and French languages. Hailing from Russia, she has several years of experience in teaching government schools in Nazaravo and Krasnoyarsk. Apart from her outstanding language skills, Oxana is known for her analytical and organizational skills.