GNLU Litigation Assistance and Support Scheme (GLASS)

The aim of the GNLU Litigation Assistance & Support Scheme (GLASS) is to incentivize and support brilliant students who opt to join the Bar despite other lucrative career opportunities. Gujarat National Law University strives to provide a head-start to such aspirants along with contributing quality advocates to the Bar and to the Society.

In order to incentivise greater number of students with exemplary academic and extracurricular records and a demonstrable interest in litigation, GNLU will provide assistance to graduating students who demonstrate potential to be an asset to bar and society.

GLASS commenced with the class of 2015. Five meritorious students were selected after rigorous procedure and the financial assistance of 7500/- was paid to them for a period of one year. This scheme is hugely appreciated by practitioners as well as parents. With class 2016, GLASS offered Rs.15,000/- per month to selected 10 students and with class 2017, GLASS financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- per month offered to 15 selected students. Thus, we were successful in not only enhancing the number of recipients but also the monthly financial assistance from 7500/- to 15000/-.

GLASS Recipients 2018-19

Aalay Shah

Ambrish Tewari

Bhanu Bajpai

Malay Dange

Nisshant Laroia

Rahul Singh Meena

Sunit Kumar Mondal

Vinod Panwar

Vismay Malkan

GLASS Recipients 2017-18

Karthik Sundar

Sankeerth Vittal

Kathan Gandhi

Keith Varghese

Luv Shah


Mayuri Gupta

Nemil Shah

Vishwa Bhatt


Kurien Philip

Pallavi Kumari

Prabhansu Gupta

Rakshitha V. N.

Samarth Amin

Shrey Pratap Singh


Sneha Arya

Sujoy Sur

Suresh Kumar Dotania

GLASS Recipients 2016-17

Anuj Tiwari


Kapil Gupta

Keith Varghese

Kurien Philip

Nishant Patel


Samta Godiwala


Vishwa Bhatt

GLASS Recipients 2015-16

Garv Malhotra

Prince Mishra

Saksham Marwah

Sushal Tiwari

Tirth Bhatt

Testimonials from GLASS Recipients

"Ambrish Tiwari. (UG 2013-2018)"

The sheer level of struggle in litigation especially relating to meagre remuneration at the beginning makes it enormously difficult for new and young lawyers like me to take it up without having a second thought or worked in a firm for 2-3 years for required financial backup. GLASS has actually been a blessing which actually allowed me to pursue my passion for litigation without any second thought as there was a sense of security and I was able to put in my all without having to worry as much as other newcomers do! Thank you, Director sir, Recruitment committee and my alma mater as a whole for caring for me and thereby, giving a big boost to my pursuance of litigation!

"Nisshant Laroria. (UG 2013-2018)"

The GLASS Scholarship is a great initiative by the Gujarat National Law University. It supports the recipients to pursue litigation without having the pressure of income on their head. There are many practitioners who I came across, wanting to be a litigating lawyer but due to financial limitations ended up in a different setup. This only impacts the profession as those passionate about litigation, are not able to take it up early on in their career. I hope that other Institutions take cue from the initiative and support young lawyers to follow their Goal of being a litigator.

"Bhanu Bajpai. (UG 2013-2018)"

At the very inception of my five-year graduation period, I’d chosen the path for my career and it happened to be litigation practice. Like all resolutions, it was difficult to stand true to it and the force of motivation continued to ebb and flow with time. However, the GLASS scholarship helped me to waive off the indecision and allowed me to steer towards my destination.

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