Glimpses of the Doctoral Research of Faculty at GNLU

Sr No Name of the Faculty Title University
1 Dr. Anant R. Deogaonkar Crime and Punishment: An Analytical Study with Special Reference to Sexual Offences in India Gujarat University
2 Dr. Ambati Nageswara Rao Students with Disabilities in Higher Educational Institutions in Andhra Pradesh TATA Institute of Social Sciences
3 Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar Deviances among Indian Women Public Servants – Challenges and Remedies Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya
4 Dr. Arunakumar Malik Setting Human Rights Standards: A Study of Right To Health University of Hyderabad
5 Prof.(Dr.) Bimal N Patel Responsibility of International Organisations: A Study in the Relations between the United Nations, and (1) The World Bank, (2) The European Union and (3) The International Atomic Energy Agency. Jaipur National University
6 Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N Patel The State Practice of India and the Development of International law: Selected Areas. Leiden University
7 Dr. Bindu Vijay Allelopathic Effect of Certain Weeds on Germination & Seedling Growth on Selected Crop Plants North Gujarat University
8 Dr. Fakkiresh S. Sakkarnaikar An Analytical Study of the Jurisprudential Development of 'Employee' and 'Employment Injury' Under the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 Gujarat National Law University
9 Dr. Girish R. Government Contracts, Rights and Liabilities of the State in the context of Globalisation University of Kerala
10 Dr. Hardik. H. Parikh Intellectual Property Rights aspects of Traditional Knowledge and its Protection: Issues and Challenges Gujarat University
11 Dr. Hiteshkumar Dharampal Thakkar The Global Financial Crisis (2007-10) in the Backdrop of Global Financial Integration: The Road map of Restructuring Global Financial Regulatory System Gujarat National Law University
12 Dr. Joshua Nathan Aston Trafficking of Women and Children: Article 7 of the Rome Statute Symbiosis International University
13 Dr. K. Parameswaran Juridical Settlement of Disputes in Administrative Tribunals University of Madras, Chennai
14 Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta Study of Economic & Legal Aspects of Special Economic Zones - Set Up in Gujarat Under the Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 Gujarat National Law University
15 Prof.(Dr.) Mamata Biswal Sexual Harassment of Working Women in India and Judicial Response to Eradicate the Evil – A critical Analysis Utkal University
16 Dr. Nidhi Buch A Study of Jurisdictional Issues in the Post Trips IP Regime in India With Particular Reference to Trademark Violations Gujarat National Law University
17 Prof. (Dr.) Thomas Mathew Analysis of Space Based Measurement Techniques of Oceanic Surface Wind Gujarat University
18 Prof. (Dr.) Ranita Nagar Economics of Coping up Mechanism in Natural Disaster Situations –Study of Kutch district of Gujarat Gujarat University
19 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singh Conception of Contracts in the Era of Information Technology: A critical Study a d Appraisal of the Diverse Aspects of the Electronic Contracts Gujarat University
20 Dr. Richa Mulchandani Disease Medicine and Health System in the Baroda State (1850-1947) The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
21 Dr. Saira Gori Directive Principles of State Policy and its Changing dimension under the Constitution of India Nagpur University
22 Prof. (Dr.) Shobhalata Udapudi A Critical Analysis: Towards Achievement of Sustainable Development with the Protection of Human Rights – Legal Aspects Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
23 Dr. Udayakumara Ramakrishna B.N. Aspects of Flexibility in the Implementation of International Labour Standards in India Jawaharlal Nehru University
24 Dr. Vikas Gandhi Administration of Criminal Justice through Reformative Jurisprudence: Myth or Reality Saurashtra University
25 Dr. Viral Pandya Microfinance Institutions and Sustainable Development of Self Help Group: An in Depth Study Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya
26 Dr. William Nunes Security Issues of South Asian States: A case Study of Sri Lanka The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda