GNLU Annual Pro Bono Legal Aid Award

Gujarat National Law University
Academic/Academic Directive

Subject:  GNLU Annual Pro Bono Legal Aid Award
Gandhinagar, Friday, 30 September 2016
1.0.    Purposes

The phrase ‘pro bono public’ means for ‘the public good’. This kind of service or activity is generally used for work which is undertaken willingly for public service, and customarily without any money.

As per the Pro Bono Legal Aid Programme directive, GNLU/AD/43/15, every undergraduate student from the year 2015 onwards, needs to complete twenty hours of Pro Bono Work in an academic year during his or her Five Year Integrated Law Programme. To acknowledge such pro bono work carried out by the students, GNLU is introducing the Annual Pro Bono Legal Aid Award so as to enhance and motivate these students for contributing to the society at large. The University will felicitate one student from each batch.

2.0     The Performance Indicators 
2.1    Applicant shall be a full time enrolled students in undergraduate programme;
2.2    Successful completion of minimum Twenty Hours in an academic year (No weightage shall be given to this factor as minimum twenty hours is mandatory); Hours as an indicator has been given 30% weightage for computation. 
  •  21-30 Hours- 15%
  • 31-40 Hours- 20%
  • 41 and Above- 30%
2.3    Nature of activity undertaken. Legal Awareness Camps, Sensitizing about the legal rights and duties at Government Schools, Vocational Training (women and children), RTI, Government Scheme Accessibility and Availability, Assistance to the government departments in sensitizing and awareness programme; Legal Counselling under the guidance of authorized body; working with State/District/ Taluka Legal Services Authority, Women Commission etc. Nature of the activity as an indicator has been given 40% weightage.
2.4    Socio-legal impact of the pro bono activity undertaken by the student to the society at large. For computing the far reaching effects to the society of the pro boo work undertaken by the applicant, socio-legal impact has been given 30% weightage.

3.0     Minimum Eligibility Criteria
3.1    Verification of application and documents by the GNLU Centre for Law and Society Coordinator.
3.2    Feedback of the student pro bono activity from the organization/institution/school/village where the activity was undertaken.
3.3    Applicant should have submitted the Pro Bono Report along with necessary documents with authorized signature confirming to the Pro Bono Mandate.

4.0     Procedure
4.1    Expression of Interest shall be called for the Award. Eligible and interested students can apply for the same. 
4.2    The Coordinator of the GNLU Centre shall carry out scrutinization of applications for Award for Law and Society.
4.3    Shortlisted applications shall be forwarded to the Panel for selection.
4.4    The selection panel consists of: 
Centre Director, Centre for Law and Society
Centre Coordinator, Centre for Law and Society
Faculty Member of GNLU Centre for Law and Society, nominated by the Director.
4.5    The panel after taking into consideration the Performance Indicators as mentioned in clause 2.0 of the same mandate shall make recommendations to Director, Gujarat National Law University.
4.6    The Director on the basis of the recommendations made by the panel, decide one candidate for the Award.

5.0     For further information/query, please contact.
Centre Director, Centre for Law and Society; or
Centre Coordinator, Centre for Law and Society
Email ID:

6.0     Effective Date
The directive shall be applicable for 2015 Batch and onwards.

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