Faculty Testimonials

Prof Dr Bimal Patel
Former Director And Professor Of Public International Law

A teacher with great wisdom. You are the Lighthouse of GNLU

Prof. Dr. Mamta Biswal
Dean Academic Affairs & Professor Of Law

You have taught us for a semester already and it?s been a really great interaction. We love to attend your classes and we love the way you have been supporting us as the Dean of Academic Affairs too.

Prof. Dr. Ranita Nagar
Head, Department Of Social Sciences & Professor Of Economics

We are so fortunate to have you that sometimes we feel that you are over qualified to teach us in our first year. You bring the potential out of us. We thank you for being there for us.

Dr .Viral Pandya
Associate Professor of Management

A great teacher of Management. A very practical man.

Dr. Joshua Aston
Former Assistant Professor of Law

A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching. You in a lifetime may change a delinquent into a solid citizen. You are an impressive teacher.

Ms. Pratima Dube
Assistant Professor Of English

You can make even a boring class so much interesting and fulfilled. Your communication skills are fantastic. We look forward to learning so much from you.

Prof. Dr. Shobhlata Udapudi
Professor Of Law

It's simply an honor to have you as a faculty member and to be able to learn under your guidance. We are simply overjoyed to have you teach us and shall always look forward to your able guidance.

Dr. Thomas Mathew
Associate Professor Of Science And Technology

Loving and ever smiling teacher. We always admire you.

Dr. R.K Singh
Associate Professor Of Law

You have taught us for three semesters and we totally love the way you teach us. The fact that you are so student-friendly only adds to your already charismatic persona.

Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar
Associate Professor Of Law

We thank you for the amazing manner in which you have been teaching us a subject that we have feared the most for the first 4 years of law school. We, as the student fraternity also love your student-friendly ways while also maintaining the complete decorum of the classroom.