Consequences of Non Compliance with Twenty Hours Pro Bono in an academic year and procedure to be followed.

Gujarat National Law University
Academic/Academic Directive
(Amendment with regard to GNLU Directive GNLU/AD/43/15)

Subject:  Consequences of Non-Compliance with Twenty Hours Pro-Bono in an academic year and procedure to be followed.
Gandhinagar, Friday, 09 December 2016

1.0 In furtherance of Rule Number 7.1 of GNLU/AD/43/15 about the subject GNLU Pro-Bono Legal Aid Programme, a show cause notice shall be issued by GCLS Director to any student who fails to complete Twenty Hours (20 Hrs) pro-bono programme in an academic year.

2.0 Students concerned shall submit his/her reply thereto explaining the reason for non-compliance within a period of Five Working Days. Having regard to the genuineness of the reason specified in such reply, Director GCLS may grant extension of not more than Fifteen (15) days for compliance of Pro-Bono programme along with the completion certificate and the report.

3.0 In case a student fail to complete despite the above mentioned extensions, the examination committee may withhold the result of such student.

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