1908-23/1153/01: National Level Online Stakeholder Conference on Social Entrepreneurship Education Teaching & Training Practices at Higher Education Institutions in India | October 3 - 7, 2023 | 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM


We invite current and past social entrepreneurship students, educators of social entrepreneurship, and practitioners (including social incubators, social entrepreneurs, and enablers) interested in social entrepreneurship, social impact, and business development to join us and present their topics on any of the given below topics, such as:

  • Social entrepreneurship education: Curriculum development, pedagogy, higher education institutions, policy-level initiatives to support social entrepreneurship education, and establishment of an appropriate eco-system.
  • Best social incubation practices: Preventing entry barriers through regulatory sandboxes, offering appropriate entrepreneurship and innovation finance, encouraging science and technology-based entrepreneurship, using resources and activities driven by the private sector, and other relevant topics.

This is an online event, and there will not be any registration fee for the contributors. However, we invite only the selected best teaching practices, curriculum designs, and capacity-building initiatives of social incubators to present at the event.


We especially welcome contributions that examine the foundations of social entrepreneurship education, study what we have learned from the past years of social entrepreneurship education research, discuss and reflect upon where we are going, and question where we should be going regarding the scholarship of teaching social entrepreneurship education.

  • Building Social Entrepreneurial Universities, Culture, and Eco-system
  • Examining the social work education curricula in India: Towards integrating social entrepreneurship
  • Role of social entrepreneurship education in rural development: Best Teaching Practices 
  • Experiential Learning through Social Entrepreneurship Education in Indian Business Schools
  • Curriculum Development for Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Education: A Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Approach
  • Innovative teaching methods and Pedagogies in social entrepreneurship education
  • Mapping the impact of social entrepreneurship education
  • Social entrepreneurship education, sustainable development and social challenges
  • Role of social incubation centers in promoting social entrepreneurship at higher education institutions

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