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Law of the Sea and Maritime Laws, Policy and Practice Fellowship is provided in order to fulfill and achieve objectives of higher education. Gujarat National Law University and Ministry of Earth Sciences Government of India are playing a very important role with respect to research on contemporary issues and policy making decision in Law of the Sea and Maritime Law. The Law of Sea and Maritime Law is a peculiar and significant area of law having importance not only as a statutory framework, but it's also pertinent to the socio-economic effect on the maritime affairs. Research is first priority of fellow at Gujarat National Law University. As a fellow of maritime laws in India, I am engaged in research in law of the sea and its related areas like ocean economy, maritime business, marine pollution, maritime safety and security, maritime labour law, proposed maritime Bill, International rules and regulation, under the fellowship program.

The fellow is engaged in research in the following areas, as demonstrated below:

Aim And Objective Of Fellowship

  • To do the quality research on contemporary issue on Law of the Sea and Maritime Law.
  • To do research on policy and practice related maritime law maritime study.
  • To initiate a comprehensive study of different maritime laws and international convention and its implications in India.
  • To analysis the existing laws and policy with respect to ocean and economic development.
  • To provide a forum for discussion, research and study of international and national, maritime law and policy.
  • To publish policy- papers, reports and surveys on contemporary issues through the perspective of maritime laws.
  • To analyze the control and enforcement mechanism and identify the policy of checks and balances on the pathway of the maritime business and law.
  • To train towards building intellectual capital through publications, presentation of papers, and organize training programs.
  • To organized seminars, conferences and workshops with respect to the maritime laws and its related areas

Research Activities And Status Reports

The following research and training programs have been organized by the associate at Gujarat National law University.

Photographs Of Activities

Research Associate