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The GNLU Student Law Review (GNLUSLR) is the flagship student journal of the Gujarat National Law University. It is the official publication of the Student Research Development Council (SRDC). The Review is an annually published, student-edited, blind peer-reviewed, online, open-access Journal.

The Journal is open to academics, scholars, practitioners and students. The Journal’s focus will primarily be Indian law. The Journal encourages comparative law and international law research, but the same must be related to Indian legal developments and challenges. The Journal also promotes an interdisciplinary approach to research in law.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Ranita Nagar, Professor of Economics & Dean of Research and Publications

Dr. William Nunes, Associate Professor of Political Science

Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Tejas Rao

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Zaid Deva

Managing Editor: Shantanu Singh

Deputy Managing Editor: Raghav Bhargava

Senior Editor: Dhruval Singh

Assistant Editors:

  • Ashwani Kumar Singh
  • Ojaswa Pathak
  • Raghav Kohli
  • Rhea Sampat
  • Risbha Arora
  • Soham Munshi


  • Keerthana Venkatesh
  • Madhav Aggarwal
  • Nalin Malhotra
  • Rishabh Aggarwal
  • Sayan Chandra
Inaugural Issue

The GNLUSLR is hereby calling for papers for its Inaugural Issue.

The following categories of submissions will be considered for publication:

  • Articles: Between 4500-6000 words
  • Case Notes/Legislative Comments/Book Reviews: Between 1500-4000 Words

Word limits are exclusive of footnotes. The Journal is flexible with respect to the word count of the submissions, subject to the discretion of the Editorial Board and quality of submission.

Formatting Guidelines

The submissions must strictly adhere to the formatting guidelines.

The body of the manuscript must be in Garamond, font size 12 with line spacing 1.5. The footnotes must be in Garamond, font size 10 with line spacing 1.

The footnotes must be in accordance with the Bluebook (20th Edition) citation style.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

GNLUSLR accepts only electronic submissions. Submissions must be mailed to gnluslr@gnlu.ac.in with the subject “GNLUSLR Volume I – Submission”. The following guidelines must be strictly followed:

  • The manuscript must be sent as an attachment in .doc or .docx format.
  • The manuscript should not contain the name of the author, institutional affiliation or any other identification mark.
  • The details of the author (name, institutional affiliation, if any, and contact details) must be contained in a separate attachment in .doc or .docx format.

The deadline to submit is June 8, 2019.

In case of any queries, feel free to contact the Editorial Board of the Journal via e-mail at gnluslr@gnlu.ac.in