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GNLU Gujarat Maritime Board Chair in Maritime Laws and Practices

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About Gujarat National Law University

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) established under the "Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003" in the state of Gujarat. It is one of the most prestigious law schools in India located at Gandhi Nagar. GNLU is following the Research Based Teaching University model and functioning as nodal agency to uplift the legal education in the State of Gujarat. It is ranked as the fastest growing law school in India. GNLU is also accredited "A" Grade by NAAC in year 2016.

About Gujarat Maritime Board

Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has established itself as maritime leader in port development, privatisation and specialised cargo handling in India. It is also the first maritime board of the country which was created up in 1982 with a vision "To enhance and harness ports and international trade as vehicles for economic development.

With foresighted thinking and strategically located longest coastline of 1600 kms, GMB charted a different and unexplored route of port development in 1980s. This was the era when major ports enjoyed monopoly over sea freight, with very little or no port capacity with state governments.

From meagre 3% in 1982-83, traffic at GMB ports have consistently increased and now (2014-15) non major ports of Gujarat handle about 32% of total national traffic. During the same period, share of major ports has decreased from 94% in 1982 to 55% in 2015, whereas Gujarat’s share accounts for 71.5% of traffic for non-major ports of India in 2014-15. Over the next three decades, GMB institutionalised the concept of integrated port-led development of its minor ports, supported by last mile rail/road connectivity. This was effectively implemented by bringing right private partners through several pioneering models of privatization such as privatizing port services, private jetties, joint venture ports and Greenfield ports etc. GMB has effectively implemented a unique business model, which has shown the pathway to growth and has successfully placed the non-major ports of Gujarat as benchmark for other states to follow.

About GNLU - Gujarat Maritime Board Chair in Maritime Laws and practices at GNLU

The establishment of the GNLU- GMB Chair in Maritime Laws and Practices an effective modality of Gujarat Maritime Board and Gujarat National Law University to enhance legal education, research, training and extension programs and activities exclusively in the area of Maritime Laws and Practices . The Fellowship program is implemented by an appointed Assistant professor of the Chair and member of the strategic advisory board of the Chair who works in close integration with Dean-Research, Dear of Academic Affair, Head of Extension and Training Department GNLU, GMB representative and under guidance and supervision of Director, Gujarat National Law University.

Vision Statements

To fulfil and achieve standard and excellence promote research and studies on contemporary issues and policies in the area of Maritime Laws and Practices on national and international perspectives. In order to sustainable development requires a holistic perspective and an inclusive decision making process and policies that involving government and business leaders, as well as the other stakeholders. In this context, in-depth research is imperative to generate sufficient knowledge to provide meaningful inputs for policy formulating the legal regime that would contribute to strengthening the maritime laws across the world.

"To make GNLU-GMB Chair a Nodal centre to provide policy inputs, information to the Government, various nodal agencies, required to frame strong policies, legislations and built the national intellectual capital through education, research, and training activities"

Objectives of the Chair

GNLU-GMB Chair in Maritime Laws and Practices envisions achieving the following objectives

  • To provide a forum for discussion, research and study of international and national maritime laws and practices.
  • To organize workshops, training seminar for the stakeholders, etc
  • To publish policy- papers, reports on status and carryout surveys on cutting edge of contemporary subject of maritime laws and practices.
  • To Provides high quality legal research and study materials, including policy papers on a pro bono or sponsorship basis

The Chair aspires to achieve its objective through fourfold core areas of activity as follows:

  • Educational Programs
  • Scholarly Publications
  • Membership Activities
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders

Broad plan of actions of Chair

Action plan is divided in to four categories which is the part of the objective of the Chair. Assistant Professor shall be carry research and studies of National and International Maritime Laws and practices, publish policies paper, report on status on the carry out surveys on cutting edge issues of the contemporary subjects of maritime laws and practices. Provides highly quality legal research and studies materials.

Policy Based Research

With respect to the policy formulation research will be descriptive and exploratory form and research shall be carry out legislative frameworks and proposed bill by the Indian government and the Government of Gujarat in the area of Maritime Laws and practices, International rules and regulations. Which also impact on the social and economic analysis of status of Indian prospective in the field of maritime and associated area.

Project Based Research

Chair Assistant Professor shall be proposed few research project and also work on the earlier proposed research work which will be carry out with collaboration with by the centre for public international law at Gujarat National Law University.

Research and studies of the national and international maritime laws and practices

The scope of the chair also includes the studies of the research on National and International Maritime Law, policy and practices, which will be substantial output of the chair.

Research and training activities and status reports

  • International Maritime Law emerging dimension in 21st Century
  • Maritime Manual of India
  • Certificate Course on International Maritime Laws
  • Reviews of Maritime port policy and port regulation of the Gujarat Maritime Board

Report on status and carry out the survey on cutting edge of contemporary issue of maritime laws and practices

The chair will be engaging the making report and carry out the survey on cutting edge of the contemporary issues which include the maritime strategies port policy, port regulations, maritime policies of Gujarat maritime Board.

Up-coming events

Training program/certificate course/regular course on maritime laws and practices

The training and research programs will be organized for capacity building in this area of maritime law and to coordinate National and International, training program, seminar, workshop, conference, at Gujarat National Law University Under the fellowship, The course will be developed and designed for the scholars, senior and mid-level government officials with intend to explore knowledge, understanding and proficiency of maritime law required to perform the responsibilities assigned to them.

Teaching & Capacity Building

Under the instruction and guidance of the strategic Advisory board and the representative of Gujarat Maritime Board, Director, and the Dean of Research, GNLU, Assistant Professor carrying on regular research, teaching and training activities in the area of Maritime Laws and practice. Assistant professor also will be representing the chair at national and international forum. Through the presenting papers conferences, writing research papers and articles in journals, magazines and newspapers, organise conference and seminars on maritime law, training program on maritime laws and practices. The chair assistant professor guiding the students in their research and also build a student interest group, students could be trained towards building intellectual capital through publications, presentation of papers, organizing events etc. under the aegis of Chair, Assistant professor will organize Maritime Laws and practices research, training and extension program in future with international collaboration and will invite eminent scholars form globe.

Structure of the chair

Ms. Pratikalpa Sharma
Assistant Professor (Research)

GNLU-Gujarat Maritime Board Chair
in Maritime Laws and Practices
Gujarat National Law University,
Attalika Avenue, Knowledge Corridor, Koba,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat. India

Tel: +91-79-2327 6611/12


Web: www.gnlu.ac.in