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GNLU GUVNL Research Fellowship on Energy Law and Policy

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Energy is fundamental to country's economy. The objective of this flagship program is to fill research gaps in Energy law & Policy and further to contribute and promote the intellectual depth of the debate and policy developments on Energy matters" The collaborative GUVNL Research Scholarship program is an effective modality of GNLU and GUVNL to enhance legal education, research, training and extension programs and activities exclusively in the area of Energy Law and Policy. The Research Scholarship program is implemented by an appointed GUVNL Research Associate who works in close integration with Dean-Research, GNLU and under guidance and supervision of Director, GNLU.

About the Fellowship

"The Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited was incorporated as a Government of Gujarat Company. Since 100% Shares in the other six companies are held by GUVNL w.e.f 1st April,2005 they have become Subsidiary Companies of GUVNL as per the provisions of the Companies Act,1956.

The GUVNL is engaged in the business of bulk purchase and sale of electricity, Supervision, Co-ordination and facilitation of the activities of its six Subsidiary Companies. The GSECL is engaged in the business of Generation of Electricity. The GETCO is engaged in the business of Transmission of Electricity. The UGVCL, DGVCL, MGVCL & PGVCL are engaged in the business of Distribution of Electricity in the Northen, Southern, Central and Western areas of Gujarat respectively."


Meeting the energy challenge is of fundamental importance to India's economic growth imperatives. The overview of energy related issues shows that a workable energy strategy for the Twelfth Plan requires a large number of actions by different Ministries in the Central Government plus action by State Governments in several areas. The success of the Twelfth Plan depends critically on our being able to ensure that all or most of these actions are taken within a reasonable period of time. Unless this can be done, energy constraints will limit the ability of the economy to reach 9.0 per cent growth".


The Research Scholarship on 'Energy Law and Policy' envisions to achieve the following objectives:

  • to provide sound and sustained legal research, drafting, training and educational assistance to Energy Law and Policy stakeholders
  • to provide a forum for discussion, research and study of international and national Energy Law and Policy;
  • to organize workshops, training seminars for the stakeholders, etc.
  • to publish policy-papers, reports on status and carry out surveys on cutting-edge issues of contemporary subjects of Energy Law and Policy;
  • to provide high quality legal research and study materials, including policy papers on a pro bono or sponsorship basis.
  • The Research Scholarship program aspires to achieve its objective through threefold core areas of activity as follows:
  • Educational Programs
  • Scholarly Publications
  • Membership Activities

The Advisory Board Members

  • Prof.(Dr.) S. Shanthakumar, Director, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
  • Dr. Ambati Nageswara Rao, Dean of Research and Publications & Assistant Professor of Social Work, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
  • Prof. (Dr.) Sairam Bhatt, Professor of Law, National Law School of India University
  • Prof. M.P. Ram Mohan, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Mr. Mrinal Ojha, Partner, Phoenix Legal
  • Dr. Vinay Kumar Paranjape, AGM, Law & Arbitration, Power Grid India


  • Faculty Supervisor :

    Ms. Harsha Rajwanshi, Assistant Professor of Law

  • Research Associate :


Research Project: [Ongoing]

"Study of factors affecting entrepreneurial inclination among undergraduate students of Ahmedabad city"; Principle Investigator, Dr. Viral M. Pandya, Associate Professor of Management and Co-Investigator, Mr. Satya Ranjan Mishra, Assistant Professor of Commerce.

Training & Extension Programme

  • GNLU is providing internship opportunity to GNLU students in Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) during the month of September-October, 2018.
Upcoming Events
  • GETCO-GETRI & GNLU Training Event, 2019. (Dates are yet to be finalized)
  • Two days National Student Colloquium on Energy Law, 2019. (Dates are yet to be finalized)
  • GNLU-GUVNL Capsule Course on Energy Arbitration.
  • GNLU-GUVNL Legal Lexicon Training Programme.
  • National Seminar on 'Laws on Renewable Resources of Energy'.
Past Events
  • GNLU - Trilegal One day Seminar on Arbitration in Energy Sector: Issues and Challenges, 25th May, 2019.
  • Certificate Course on 'Energy Law' by Prof (Dr) J. Kumar (23-25 February, 2019)
  • National Essay Writing Competition on "Global Energy Crisis & Clean Development Mechanism", 2016-2017.
  • GNLU-GUVNL Research Fellowship Guest Lecture on Coal in India 2017 - A Comprehensive Analysis of the Legal Trends in the Coal Sector" by Dr. M.P. Rammohan, Associate Professor, IIM Ahmedabad on October 6, 2017.
  • GNLU-NLA International Essay Writing Competition 2015 on "Nuclear Energy Law & Policy".
  • Certificate Course on Nuclear Energy and Law, from 11-12 April, 2015.
  • Legal Training Course on Electricity Act, 2003 & Policy Guidelines, 2015.
  • Distinguished Guest Lecture on ‘Energy Trading & its Regulations’ on 13th March, 2014.

Legal Research Repository

Primary Sources
Sr. No. Name of The Legislation Details Preamble Regulatory authority
1 The Coal Bearing Areas Acquisition and Development Act, 1957, Amended and Repealed in 1960, again amended in 1969. The act empowers Central govt. to regulate lands and extract coal, acquire lands and offer compensation. To control over the coal mining industry and its development by providing for the acquisition by the State of un-worked land containing or likely to contain coal deposits or of rights in or over such land, for the extinguishment or modification of such rights accruing by virtue of any agreement, lease, license Central government has the discretion to make any authority for implementation of the laws and appointment of competent authority.
2 The Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition & Development) Amendment & Validation Act 1971. The act came into existence, to amend and regulate the old act of 1957. An Act further to amend the Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition and Development) Act, 1957, and to validate certain acquisitions of land or rights in or over land under the said Act. Central Government
3 Coking Coal Mines (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1971. {From the period of 1971, nationalization of Coal started.} The act basically provided for taking over in public interest of the management of coking coal mines and coke oven plants pending nationalization. - -
4 Coking Coal Mines Nationalization Act, 1972 Under this Act, the coking coal mines and the coke oven plants other than those with the Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited and Indian Iron & Steel Company Limited, were nationalized on May 1, 1972 and brought under the Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), a New Central Government Undertaking. An Act to provide for the acquisition and transfer of the right, title and interest of the owners of the coking coal mines specified in the First Schedule, and the right, title and interest of the owners of such coke oven plants as are in or about the said coking coal mines with a view to reorganizing and reconstructing such mines and plants for the purpose of protecting, conserving and promoting scientific development of the resources of coking coal needed to meet the growing requirements of the iron and steel industry and for matters connected. Central Government
5 The Coal Mines Taking Over of Management Act, 1973 This act vested all coal mines under the Central Government. extended the right of the Government of India to take over the management of the coking and non-coking coal mines in seven States including the coking coal mines taken over in 1971. An Act to provide for the taking over, in the public interest, of the management of coal mines, pending nationalisation of such mines, with a view to ensuring rational and co-ordinated development of coal production and for promoting optimum utilisation of the coal resources consistent with the growing requirements of the country Central Government
6 The Coal Mines (Conservation & Development) Act, 1974 This Act empowered the Central Government may, by order in writing addressed to the owner, agent or manager of a coal mine, require him to take such measures as it may think necessary for the purpose of conservation of coal or for development of coal mines. An Act to provide for the conservation of coal and development of coal mines and for matters connected therewith with incidental thereto. Central Government has all power & discretion to appoint an competent authority.
7 The Coal Mines Special Provisions Act, 2015 This act was basically made to amend Coal Mines, 1973 and Mines and Minerals, 1957, and ultimately removing the restrictions of end use from eligibility to undertake coal mining except in specific coal blocks. An Act to provide for allocation of coal mines and vesting of the right, title and interest in and over the land mine infrastructure together with mining leases to successful bidders and allottees with a view to ensure continuity in coal mining operations and production of coal, and for promoting optimum utilization of coal resources consistent with the requirement of the country in national interest and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Central Government

List of Publications in SCC Online Web Edition
(Blog Link: https://blog.scconline.com/post/category/experts_corner/guvnl_gnlu/ )

1 Sustainable Clean Electricity. July, 2018.
2 Cross- Subsidies in Electricity Sector. June, 2018.
3 Power : Let There be Light in Every Home. May, 2018.
4 Accelerated Power Development Reforms. April, 2018.
5 Invigorating Power System Resilience. January, 2018.
6 Distribution of Electricity. December, 2017.
7 Transmission of Electricity. November, 2017.
8 Electricity Tariff Determination v. An Overview. August, 2017.
9 Ultra Mega Power Projects v. From Coastal Gujarat Ltd. v. Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. to Energy Watchdog v. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. July, 2017.
10 Managing the Power Networks. June, 2017.
11 A Governance Lens on the Electricity Sector. May, 2017.
12 Smart Grid v. Best Practice For A Modern Power System. March, 2017.
13 Turning Air into Electricity. February, 2017.
14 International Solar Alliance. January, 2017.
15 Powering An Electricity Generation. December, 2016.
16 Addressing Consumer Grievances in Power Sector. November, 2016.
17 Overview of Specialized Courts in Power Sector. October, 2016.
18 Specialized Tribunal for Power Sector. September, 2016.
19 Judicialisation of Electricity Regulator. August, 2016.
20 Regulatory Independence of the Power Sector. June, 2016.
21 Consumer Participation in Electricity Regulation. May, 2016.
22 Cross-Border Electricity Trade. April, 2016.
23 Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage. March, 2016.
24 Power Distribution Franchise. February, 2016.
25 Energy Efficiency and Conservation. January, 2016.
26 Net Metering. December, 2015.
27 Trading Electricity- Legal Vista. November, 2015.
28 Rural Electricity v. A Legal Perspective. October, 2015.
29 Draft national Renewable Energy Act (NREA),2015 – An Appraisal. September, 2015.
30 Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation on Captive Power Plants- Case Comment on Hindustan Zinc v. Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission. August, 2015.
31 Captive Power Generation in India. July, 2015.
32 Electricity Consumer in India. June, 2015.
33 Power Theft & Unauthorized Use of Electricity in India. May, 2015.
34 Open Access Regime in Indian Power Sector. April, 2015.
35 National Solar Mission of India under WTO Scrutiny. March, 2015.
36 Regulatory Competition Dichotomy in Power Sector. February, 2015.
37 Reforms in Power Sector. January, 2015.
38 Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment. December, 2014.
39 Policy & Regulatory Provisions for Renewable Energy Power in India. November, 2014.

Contact Us

Ms. Harsha Rajwanshi

Faculty Supervisor & Assitant Professor of Law


E-mail: hrajwanshi@gnlu.ac.in

Research Associate, GNLU-GUVNL Fellowship



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