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Completed Research Projects

Sr. No. Name of Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-investigators Research Project Title


Government of Gujarat

Dr. Akil Saiyed

Mr. M Mishra

Study on the importance of the Police Accountability and its impact on the governance of Criminal Justice system in the state of Gujarat (Centre for Constitutional & Administrative Law)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. Akil Saiyed

Mr. S Bajpai

Project on Sensitizing and Creating IP Awareness among Academicians (Centre for Intellectual Property Rights)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. AN Rao


The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Promotion of Inclusive Development: A Case study of Selected Organisations in Central Gujarat (Centre for Law and Society)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. V Mandaliya

Dr. K. G. Patel

Climate-Smart Agriculture: An Address of Food Security and Climate Change (Centre for Law & Economics)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. S. Gori

Dr. A Bishnoi

Harnessing Biodiversity & Nutrition by Postharvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables (Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. W. Nunes

Dr. A . Malik

Mapping the Foreign Relation of Ancient Gujarat: A Legal, Political and Economic Analysis (Centre for Foreign Policy and Security Studies)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. R. Sharma

Ms. Harsha Rajwanshi

A Study on Sports Governance and Policy in India: Current Issues and Challenges (Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law)


Government of Gujarat

Ms. Harsha Rajwanshi

Mr. S. Bajpai

Primary care takers and Interparental Cross-border Child Custody Disputes- Should India sign Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1980? (Centre for Private International Law)


Government of Gujarat

Ms. G Goswami

Ms. A Mishra

Digital Financial Literacy Through Digital India: Study Of Its Impact In The Rural Areas Of Three Districts Of Gujarat (Centre for Banking and Financial Laws)


Government of Gujarat

Dr. Bimal Patel

Ms. Prabhavati Baskey

The  Study of State Practices on Benefit Sharing under United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea


Government of Gujarat

Dr. V Pandya

Mr. S Mishra

Study of factors affecting entrepreneurial inclination among undergraduate students of Ahmedabad city


Government of Gujarat

Dr. S Gori


Confronting the Security Challenges & enhancing the effectiveness of Criminal Justice System


Government of Gujarat

Dr. A Tomar

Dr. Bindu Vijay, Dr. V Mandaliya

The Key Development in Biotechnology and its Impact on the Society, and Creation of Techno-legal Awareness towards the Recent Trends in Biotechnology


Government of Gujarat

Dr. Akil Saiyed

Dr. K Gupta

Creation of compendium on Legal Education Institutes (LEI) for the rejuvenation of legal education in the state of Gujarat


Government of Gujarat

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel

Dr. J Chandra, Dr. K Gupta

Study Of The Statutory Framework And Functioning Of Tribunals, Commissions & Authorities In India


National Commission for Women

Asha Verma


A study of Implementation of Maternity Benefit  Act, 1961 and its comparision with other schmes


Initiative of GNLU

Dr. Ambati Nageswara Rao


Change in Occupational Patterns: Its impact on Health Seeking Behaviour of De-notified Tribal Women


Gujarat Council of Elementary Education, State Project Director Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Education Department, Government of Gujarat

Dr. Thomas Mathew


5% sample checking of U-DISE of Gujarat for the year 2016-17


Initiative of GNLU

Ms. Shreya Srivastava


A study on need for a policy framework for CSR initiatives by small and medium enterprises


Initiative of GNLU

Ms. Anu Mishra


Rights of the street Hawkers and vendors in Ahmadabad


Initiative of GNLU

Mr. Tarun Singh


Analysing the Perception of Gujarat Sports Community on Implications of Lodha Committee Recommendations on Cricket in India


Department of Justice, Government of India

Mr. Marisport A.


Resolving pending cases through Alternative Dispute Resolutin u/s 89 OF Civil Procedure Code:a case study


Pondicherry University under PMMMNMTT Scheme, MHRD, Government of India

Dr. Ambati Nageswara Rao

Ms. Dhanya S.

Perceptions of Students with Disabilities on Support Services provided in Higher Education Institutions in Cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar



Dr. Ambati Nageswara Rao


Role of Special Education Teacher Educators in Creating an Inclusive Environment for Children with Disabilities