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About SRDC

Student Research Development Council

In order to establish a vibrant academic space where research among students is nurtured, the University set up the Student Research Development Council in 2014. The SRDC was conceived as a platform for students to showcase their research, engage in research-cum-academic work in order to equip students with the purpose and method of inquiry as a means of developing their world outlook. Since its inception, the SRDC has undertaken a number of research projects through its various research groups ranging fromPublic International Law to Business Laws. The SRDC is headed by a Student Core Council which is responsible for overseeing all the activities of the Research Groups and managing the Student Law Review. It comprises of:

Student Convenor: Tejas Rao

Student Co-Convenor: Zaid Deva

Secretary: Shantanu Singh

Treasurer: Raghav Bhargava

The Research Groups under SRDC are headed by two Student Coordinators who are responsible for handling all the affairs of the research group. They are as follows:

  • Public Law Research Group – Ashwani Singh & Bhavnish Kaur
  • International Law Research Group – Keertana Venkatesh & Shardul Ganesh
  • Law and Technology Research Group – Jalaj Jain & Kanisqa Agarwal
  • Intellectual Property Rights Research Group – Srihari Gopal & Sarthak Makkar
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Group – Varun Srinivisan & Amoga Krishnan
  • Business & Finance Laws Research Group – Shaurya Singh
  • Environmental Law Research Group – Aayushi Tomar & Divya Shikhar
  • Corporate Law Research Group – Raj Shah & Anadi Singh
  • Political Theory Research Group – Rishabh Aggarwal
  • Law & Interdisciplinary Studies Research Group – Rattanmeek Kaur & Mantika Vohra