2901-24/1726/01: 3rd Edition of the International Conference on Law, Social Work, and Human Rights on the theme "Access to Justice in South Asia" (March 16-17, 2024)

Celebrating over 14 years of unique B.S.W. LL.B. integrated program and nearing completion of a decade since the inception of GCLS-the focal point for socio-legal research at GNLU, it is with great pleasure, we announce the third edition of the International Conference on Law, Social Work, and Human Rights scheduled for March 16 - 17, 2024. The theme for this edition is "Access to Justice in South Asia".

This edition of the Conference is dedicated to delving into intricate dimensions of access to justice in South Asia. By facilitating critical discussions that bring together experts, scholars, and practitioners from diverse fields, the Conference seeks to redefine access to justice across the region. Key discussions would include empowering child-friendly legal processes, justice through alternative dispute resolution, advancing social justice via interdisciplinary programs in legal education, aligning legal reforms with SDG 16.3, and fostering innovative entrepreneurial solutions. The Conference endeavours to collaboratively craft actionable strategies and roadmaps, contributing to a fair, inclusive, and efficient socio-legal landscape.

We invite original and unpublished research papers on the specified themes by February 20, 2024, following the guidelines outlined in the enclosed brochure (click here) . The registration and submission form (click here) can also be accessed through this link.

Last Updated :21-03-2024