1103-19/1610/03: GNLU Centre for Law & Economics is organizing the Certificate Course on the Economics of International Law (25-29 March, 2019)

About the Course:

International law is often supposed to be “the” solution to global problems (i.e. global warming, drug trafficking, economic crisis, poverty, or respect for human rights). Yet, it is often also criticized for being ineffective and fuzzy, its normativity is difficult to understand using a traditional legal theory which often restricts itself to appreciate the legal validity of international agreements and claims or the “justice” component of international legal agreements. This course will show that an economic approach of law appears to be fruitful to understand what is often perceived as the “pathologies” of International Law (which will appear as inherent to the structure of International Law).

Course duration: 25th to 29th March 2019

Deadline: 20th March 2019 (or till seats are available)

Last Updated :07-04-2019