0601-21/2203/02: GCSEL Lecture Series on "Rethinking Sports Governance and Autonomy in the Post-Covid World" (18-20 January, 2021)

About the Event:

The GNLU Centre for Sports & Entertainment Law (GCSEL) is excited to announce its first virtual event of 2021: A three day lecture series on "Rethinking Sports Governance and Autonomy in the Post- COVID World" on 18th, 19th & 20th January 2021.

These Lectures are expected to inspire a larger international dialogue with luminaries including Mr. Vidushpat Singhania (Managing Partner, Krida Legal), Mr. Dev Kumar Parmar (Principal Director, PARMARS) and Prof. Richard H. McLaren (O.C., D.D., Western University, Canada and CEO, McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc.) joining us as speakers.

Through this series of lectures, the Centre hopes that interested stakeholders can not only learn from but also take part in such transformative discussions, especially because of its relevance at this juncture.

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Registration Link: https://forms.gle/K3TTEhyFwS3JGzWJ8

Please note that the Cisco Webex link for the lecture series shall only be sent to registered participants in due course.

For any queries, please contact Mr. Tarun, Assistant Professor (Research), GNLU (tsingh@gnlu.ac.in or +91-8128650863)

Last Updated :25-01-2021