0309-19/1241/03: The GNLU Journal of Law and Sports

The GNLU Journal of Law and Sports

The GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law has been committed to working towards the upliftment and improvement of the sports industry and its system within different levels of Indian sport. It predominantly aims at creating awareness among those involved with sports, such as sports academicians, sports lawyers, sports agents, aspiring students, and sportspersons themselves. The GNLU Journal of Law and Sports is an academic journal of the Centre which focuses upon contemporary inter-disciplinary aspects between Law and Sports, through in-depth research and legal analysis. The Centre believes that it is the obligation of the academia to initiate fresh ideal discussions upon the unexplored areas of the subject, from an Indian as well as International point of view. Therefore, the Editorial Board of the Journal welcomes the submission of original article, book review and case comment within the aim and scope of the journal.

Submissions under the following categories are invited

Long Articles: Between 5000 and 8000 words, including footnotes.

Short Articles: Between 2500 and 3000 words, including footnotes.

Book Review: Between 1000 and 1500 words, including footnotes.

Case Comments: Between 1000 and 1500 words, including footnotes.

THEME: Importance of Sports Law Education & Awareness

The growing ethical and technical issues pertaining to sports competitions highlight the dearth of sports law education and awareness amongst sportspersons as well as other interest groups. The stakeholders associated with international sports competitions must possess a sound knowledge of sports governance, commerce & allied legal norms to strengthen the spirit of Olympic Movement. Keeping this in view, GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law (GCSEL) invites academicians, students, sportspersons and other interested persons to submit multi-disciplinary applied research work in the form of original articles, book reviews and case comments. The journal encourages empirical research work.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are to be made only in electronic form. They are to be sent to gcsl@gnlu.ac.in Details about the author(s), including qualifications and institutional affiliations, if any, are to be mentioned in the covering letter. Co-authorship (up to 3 authors) is permitted. Only original work need be sent. All work need be sent in MS Word format- (.doc or .docx). The mode of citation to be followed by the Author(s) should be uniform and according to the latest edition of Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). Keywords and SWOC analysis are compulsory with the submission.

Review Process

The submissions received would be reviewed and the Editor(s) would determine whether the subject matter fits within the scope of the topic and also would assess the quality of the manuscript.

The decision on publication will be solely at the discretion of the Chief Editor.

Abstract Submission: 2nd November, 2019

Declaration of Selected Abstract: 13th November, 2019

Deadline for Submissions: 13th December, 2019

For any queries please contact gcsl@gnlu.ac.in

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