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I was working with the Centre for Environment and Sustainable development at GNLU a couple of months back. The faculties and staff at the GNLU is always energetic and knowledgeable and added value and excitement to my work. Thank you GCESD for such a memorable experience!”

Ms. Archita Prajapti
Former Research Associate, GCESD

Being a part of GCESD and working for it was a matter of immense pleasure for me. Working towards New Informative Series of Case Studies added on to knowledge kept us update with the dynamic dimensions of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Ms. Aishwarya Chandra
Former Research Associate, GCESD

The National Seminar on “Role of Women in Sustainable Development” was extremely well organised with flawless hospitality and humane touch. The student volunteers were extremely cordial, respectful and forthcoming with information and support. Prof. Shobhlata’s leadership is commendable and praise worthy. The conference paper presenters did justice to the theme and meaningful deliberations and discussions made it all worthwhile.

Dr. Neeta Khurana
Chairperson Board of Studies for General Studies, Assistant Professor, PDPU

It was great pleasure and honor for us to visit your center and met you. I very appreciate also your prompt summary which helps us a lot. I am looking forward to the further collaboration with you.

Prof. Noriko Okubo
Professor, Green Access Project

Thanks for your mail for lecture on the topic “An Enquiry into the Jurisprudential Basis of Early Indian Forest Laws” and the kind words. It was equally a pleasure for me to have met you, members of faculty and students from this Centre for Environment at GNLU.

Mr. G N Sinha
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Department of Environment and Forests, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh

Thank you for inviting me to GNLU. It was an absolute pleasure to attend at your law school on January 11 and to conduct a presentation on Canadian Perspectives on Animal Law. The students at your university are very bright, eager to learn and asked very intelligent questions. Please keep in touch.

Ms. V. Victoria Shroff
Canadian Lawyer and University Law Professor, Vancouver, BC Canada