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    Capacity Building Workshop on Biological Diversity Laws and Rules on 14th March, 2019 and 16th March, 2019.
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    "Capacity Building Programme for Forest Officers on Forest Act and Related Legal and Administrative Framework" (30 November-01 December, 2018)
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About Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

Mother Nature has showered this earth with its bounties of great natural galaxies of resources, with a fond hope that this gift would pass on from generation to generation. But human beings due to their excessive indulgencies, in pursuit of the economic endeavors, have instead, steered our planet earth into a state of total jeopardy.

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UDAPUDI, Shobhalata Dr Centre Director, Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

Centre Members  

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  • UDAPUDI, Shobhalata Dr
  • Jagadeesh Chandra T. G Dr
  • VIJAY, Bindu Dr
  • VERMA, Asha Dr
  • TIWARI, Prashant Mr
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  • PAREEK, Tanwi Ms