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Mother Nature has showered this earth with its bounties of great natural galaxies of resources, with a fond hope that this gift would pass on from generation to generation.

But human beings due to their excessive indulgencies, in pursuit of the economic endeavors, have instead, steered our planet earth into a state of total jeopardy. This indiscriminate exploitation by man of nature’s wealth and natural resources has resulted in an unhealthy transformation of the planetary environment. Man is now confronted with such large looming environmental scourges like, acid rain, climate change, extinction of species, depletion of ozone layer and loss of bio-diversity. Water, Air, Soil, Vegetation and all the Biological Diversity, keeps the wheel of life on this earth moving. Destroy any of these and the wheels of life come to a standstill, in spite of the best of the human brains and technology available. Human activities, in the past and till these days, have been extremely detrimental to the natural resources and the bio diversity is being lost every day. Infrastructural developments like industries, mega dams, power plants, high ways, huge sky scrapers and other such human activities are driving many of the species to extinction, thus losing the genetic diversity, both in wild and in domestication and as we all know extinction is forever.

The Centre for Environmental Law Study, Research and Training established by Gujarat National Law University is taking the initiative to offer study, research and expert consultation in the environmental matters.

Aims and Objectives

The Centre for Environmental Law Study, Research and Training aims to provide a platform for study, research, capacity building and consultation to all the stake holders including the grass root people, industries and administrative authorities.