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Faculty Seminar on "Open Data Open Knowledge"


Open Development, Open Governance, citizen participation, knowledge sharing are all at the forefront of the World Bank Group (WBG). It is helping governments in its member countries to open data for transparency, accountability and open governance. 
In this context, the Bank facilitates all interested parties with accessible, easy-to-use data, and with unprecedented access to other information and documents freely available on-line.  Broad access to these data allows citizens, CSOs, policy makers, advocacy groups and other stakeholders to make better-informed decisions and to measure improvements more accurately.
This workshop has thus been planned to raise awareness and ensure that Academicians learn to access and use timely and relevant information/data available with the World Bank Group (WBG) and Government of India (GOI), for informed research, planning and decision making and guiding their students.

Broad Learning Objectives:

  • Gain appreciation of the Open Development agenda and linkages between various initiatives by WBG. 
  • Increase awareness on Access to Information (AI), Open Data, Mapping, and other Open Data tools.
  • Be able to access 9000+ economic indicators for 220+ countries from 1960 onwards.
  • Be able to know the free available WB Open Data tools to validate your data: compare data across countries or settings. 
  • Be able to use data in visualization form in research report. 
  • Be able to access World Bank’s information/data/reports through mobiles & iPad.
  • Learn about Spatial Agent.
  • Know where to go for help and further support.
Presenter:  Ms. Sunita Malhotra, Senior Officer, World Bank Group in India. 

About Presenter:  

Sunita Malhotra has been working with the World Bank in India for more than 17 years. She believes in the power of knowledge and works to empower the youth by organizing discussions, trainings and hosting knowledge sessions at various youth events. She conducts “Open Data and Open Development” trainings which help inform academicians, researchers, policy makers, think tanks, civil society organizations, students, bureaucrats, journalists about the World Bank’s data resources and knowledge products. These trainings are conducted in accordance to the World Bank’s Access to Information policy.

Sunita has also organized and facilitated series of discussions by Senior Economists of the World Bank at many educational institutions of repute in India, including the Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, national and private universities. Prior to joining the Bank, she has worked at the American Centre, within the private sector and for an NGO as well as a library-management software company called LIBSYS.  She has pursued two Masters’ in the field of Library Science and Mathematics from Delhi University.  Since 1980s, she has been working on automation and digitization of libraries.

Date:  Friday, July 27, 2018.
Venue:  Vitan-I, Second Floor, Administrative Block, GNLU
Time: 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

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