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Online Expert Lecture on Design Thinking in Legal Research

Design thinking is an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving by prioritizing consumer needs above all else. It is based heavily on the methods and processes that designers use, but it has actually evolved from a range of different fields - including architecture, engineering and business. Design thinking can also be applied to any field and it doesn’t necessarily have to be design-specific. It relies on observing, with empathy, how people interact with their environments and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions. It is human-centred, which means that it uses evidence of how humans actually engage with a product or service. It can only work if it is iterative. It is less of a means to get to a single solution, and more of a way to continuously evolve one's thinking and respond to human needs.

Online Certificate course on Prior Art search and Patent specification Drafting jointly conducted by DPIIT IPR Chair Gujarat National Law University and DPIIT IPR Chair Tezpur University (21-25 March, 2022)