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About Centre for Disability Studies (GCDS)

The GNLU Centre for Disability Studies was established on 02nd October 2019 with an aim to work for disability rights and social justice through promotion of teaching and research in the interdisciplinary areas of sociology, social work, law and policy.

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Dr. A. Marisport Head of Centre

Centre Members  

    • Dr. A. Marisport, Head of Centre & Assistant Professor of Law
    • Dr. Prabhavati Baskey, Assistant Professor of Law
    • Mr. Ayush Rastogi, Teaching and Research Associate (Law)
    • Student Members
    • Eshwar Rao Javvadi, 5th Year LLB
    • Ghanshyam J Patel, 2nd Year LLB
    • Gauransh Gaur, 2nd Year LLB
    • Kanika Mittal, 2nd Year LLB
    • Hemank Tyagi, 2nd Year LLB
    • Anant Agarwal, 2nd Year LLB
    • Mahendra Devasi, 1st Year LLB
    • Vukanti Lenin Siddhartha Reddy, 1st Year LLB