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About GNLU Centre for Disability Studies

The GNLU Centre for Disability Studies was established on 02nd October 2019 with an aim to work for disability rights and social justice through promotion of teaching and research in the interdisciplinary areas of sociology, social work, law and policy. Through curriculum development, research projects and disability studies, the Centre would attempt at doing meaningful contribution in the areas of disability and human rights, disability and society, accessibility and reasonable accommodations, inclusive education, gender and disability, amongst others. The Centre intents to create an environment ensuring mainstreaming and equal participation of students with disabilities in the University. The Centre would bring together academicians, researchers, scholars, lawyers, practitioners, activists, students and other stakeholders to foster dialogue on the increasing relevance of disability studies and research.


"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization"
- Mahatma Gandhi

The vision of GNLU Centre for Disability Studies is to advance the rights of people with disability through teaching, research, training and Capacity building programmes and there by become leading nodal Centre for Excellence in the field of Disability Studies.

Aims and Objectives

The GNLU Centre for Disability Studies has been established with the following objectives;

  • To focus on issues and concerns of people with disabilities and spread awareness and arrive at solutions through teaching, research and training and thereby enhance equitable and just society with equal opportunities, full participation and protection of dignity and rights of persons with disabilities.
  • To initiate, plan and conduct research activities in to the field of disability studies and give policy suggestions to the government based on the findings.
  • To develop, encourage and conduct innovative approaches and policies for education, training and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  • To collaborate with national as well as international agencies/organizations/institutions and concerned departments of Central and State Governments for support in implementation of their plans and schemes related to persons with disabilities.
  • To develop a network of academicians, researchers, activists, Lawyers and other professionals to work in close agreement of cohesive environment of overall development of persons with disabilities.