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    8th Edition, GNLU Air & Space Law Academy, 2023
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    GNLU Air and Space Law Academy, 2019
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    2nd Prof. V.S. Mani Memorial Lecture, 2019
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    1st Prof. V.S. Mani Memorial Lecture
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    Inauguration Ceremony - GNLU Air and Space Law Academy, 2018
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    Inauguration Ceremony - GNLU Air and Space Law Academy, 2017

About V.S. Mani Centre for Air and Space Law (VSMCASL)

Technological advancement has made International civil aviation a necessity in our contemporary world and reduced the globe into a village by bringing people closer. It has emerged as a classical example of global cooperation both on the ground and in the airspace. Its safety and security is a paramount concern in the light of adoption of newer ways to threaten aviation infrastructure. At the same time, commercial considerations are its fundamental drivers and a well-developed civil aviation industry is vital to any modern economy. International regulatory framework for Air Law strives to achieve an optimal balance between these competing considerations. India, being the world's largest and most diverse democracy is no exception.

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Dr. Divya Tyagi Head of Centre

Centre Members  

  • Head of Centre
  • Dr. Divya Tyagi, Head of Centre & Assistant Professor of Law
  • Centre Advisor
  • Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan, Former Policy Analyst, Indian Space Research Organisation HQ
  • Faculty Members
  • Dr. Heena Goswami, Assistant Professor of Science and Technology
  • Prof.(Dr.) Thomas Mathew, Professor of Science and Technology
  • Ms. Richa Singh, Teaching and Research Associate (Law)
  • Student Members
  • Student Members VSMCASL: 2023-2024