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About Centre for Women and Child Rights

There has been a lack of research in the field of policy relating to woman and child in the academia. The same has been coupled with discouraging statistics on the conditions of the two vulnerable groups in society. Latest NCRB data shows a 16% increase in the crimes against women and a 20% increase in the crimes against children. Poor statistics have also been revealed for the State of Gujarat. It was found by the National Health Profile 2019 that 6 out of 10 girl students in Gujarat Government Schools do not go beyond class 10 highlights the need for research and policy analysis in such areas.

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Dr. Asha Verma Head of Centre

Centre Members  

    • Dr. Asha Verma, Head of Centre & Assistant Professor of Law
    • Dr. Bindu Vijay, Assistant Professor of Natural Science
    • Ms. Niyati Pandey, Assistant Professor of Law
    • Ms. Prabhavati Bhaskey, Assistant Professor of Law