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About Centre for Women and Child Rights

The GNLU Centre for Women and Child Rights is a congregation of legal minds with an aim of channeling the power of law to champion the cause of Women and Child Rights by encouraging and facilitating active discourse and deliberation in the field of women and child rights and development. With this vision, Gujarat National Law University established the Centre for Women and Child Rights on the 15th of September, 2020. The Centre was inaugurated in the gracious presence of Shri Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson NCPCR.

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Dr. Asha Verma Head of Centre

Centre Members  

    • Dr. Asha Verma, Head of Centre & Assistant Professor of Law
    • Dr. Bindu Vijay, Assistant Professor of Natural Science
    • Dr. Niyati Pandey, Assistant Professor of Law
    • Ms. Prabhavati Bhaskey, Assistant Professor of Law