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Books Authored
Sr Name of the Book Publisher Author(s)
01 Students with Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions Red'shine Publication Pvt. Ltd, Gujarat (2018 Edition), (ISBN: 978-93-87822-86-3) Nageshwara Rao Ambati
02 Cities of India: A Legal History Eastern Book Company, Lucknow (2018), (ISBN: 9789387487994) Richa R. Mulchandani
03 International Litigation by and against India EBC (2018), (ISBN: 9789387487819) Bimal N. Patel
04 Acing Internships A Practical Guide EBC (2018), (ISBN: 978-93-8748-782-6) Joshua Aston
05 Contract Law for Managers EBC (2017), (Volume 1 - ISBN: 987881938547205 and Volume 2 - ISBN: 987881938547212) Joshua Aston
06 Beginner's Handbook on Corporate Social Responsibility Ruby Publication (2017), (ISBN: 978-93-82395-18-8) Viral Pandya
07 Microfinance and Self Help Groups: A Non-Financial Perspective Ruby Publication (2017), (ISBN: 978-819-330-683-3) Viral Pandya
08 State Practice of India and the Development of International Law: Dynamic Interplay between Foreign Policy and Jurisprudence Brill / Nijhoff, (ISBN: 9789004317000 E-ISBN: 9789004321335) Bimal N. Patel
09 The World Court Reference Guide - Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders of the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice (1922-2000) Brill / Nijhoff, (ISBN: 9789041119070) Bimal N. Patel
10 The World Court Reference Guide and Case-Law Digest - Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders of the International Court of Justice (2001-2010) and Case-Law Digest (1992-2010) Brill / Nijhoff, (ISBN: 9789004261877 E-ISBN: 9789004261891) Bimal N. Patel
11 “Trafficking of Women and Children: Article 7 of the Rome Statute”(I Edition) Oxford University Press (2016), (ISBN: 978-0199468171) Joshua Aston
12 Law Relating to Electronic Contracts (II Edition)LexisNexis, Gurgaon (2016) (ISBN 978-93-5143-713-0) LexisNexis, Gurgaon (2016), (ISBN: 978-93-5143-713-0) Ravindra Kumar Singh
13 Issues on Arbitration Read Worthy, New Delhi (2016), (ISBN: 10:93-5018-398-6) Vikas Gandhi
14 Indian Economy New Century Publications (2016) Ranita Nagar
15 Political Science I LexisNexis, Gurgaon (2016), (ISBN: 9789351437024) William Nunes, Aruna Kumar Malik & Ravi Saxena
16 Criminology Vikas Publications, Noida (2015), (ISBN: 978-93-259-8974-0) Anjani Singh Tomar
17 Law Relating to Electronic Contracts LexisNexis, Gurgaon (2014), (ISBN: 978-93-5143-057-5) Ravindra Kumar Singh
18 Medical Ethics MG University, Kottayam (2014), (ISBN 978-3-25-7910-9) Anjani Singh Tomar and Amit Kumar Kashyap
19 Dispute Prevention and Resolution Eastern Book Company, Lucknow (2014), (ISBN : 9789351450597)
20 Indian Banking Contemporary Issues in Law and Challenges Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. (2014), (ISBN : 9788184249576) Amit K. Kashyap
21 Banking Law Eazy Cases EBC Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow (2014), Bimal N. Patel, Dolly Jabbal and Prachi V. Motiyani
22 Vibrant Gujarat Law Book 2014,
23 Responsibility of International Organisations towards other International Organisations: Law and Practice of the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union and the International Atomic Energy Agency Eastern Book Company, New Delhi (2013), (ISBN: 978-9350289815) Bimal N. Patel
24 Security Dilemma of Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Analysis Ruby Press, New Delhi (2013), (ISBN: 978-93-82395-02-7) William Nunes
25 Intellectual Property Laws MG University, Kottayam (2013), (ISBN: 978-93-259-7328-2) Anjani Singh Tomar
26 Human Rights Standard for Right to Health Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (2012), (ISBN: 978-81-8069-854-5). Aruna Kumar Malik
27 Law Development Socio Economic Policy Eastern Book Company, Lucknow (2012), (ISBN : 9350287234) Bimal N. Patel & Mamata Biswal
28 Restructuring the Indian Police System: Need for Accountability and Efficiency Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany (2011), (ISBN: 978-38-4731-399-1) Joshua Aston
29 Disaster Management APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi (2010) (ISBN: 788-1-3130-911-3) Ranita Nagar

*It is a book for Distance Education, hence the price will be decided by the Babaseheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and M.G. University, Kottayam respectively.