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About Division

About the Division

With an aim to become a Research Based Teaching University, GNLU has started a variety of initiatives for Faculty, Students and Research Professionals such as Research Projects, Research Publications, Group Publications, In-house Publications, Fellowships, Student Research Development Council, Collaboration with National & International Institutes and Industries and Centres of Excellence etc. The significance of research is to inculcate knowledge that can be applied to the entire society and contributes towards forming the foundation of development and policies across the globe.

Objectives of the Division
  • To promote the interest and reputation of research activities among the faculty members and students and to ensure that the research activities of the division support the university's objective to be a research based teaching university.
  • To develop consistent divisional research strategies to deliver high quality research.
  • To keep the faculty members and the students updated about the contemporary areas of law.
  • To develop interdisciplinary activities with other divisions.
  • To promote, develop, manage and assess various Research Associate programme run by the university.