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    Training Programme on Advanced Applied Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics for Legal Studies (13-16 September 2018)
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    Certificate Course on Economics of Constitutional Law (27-31 August 2018)
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About Centre for Law and Economics

Law and Economics is a niche area dealing with the interface of the two subjects, wherein economic tools are used to better understand the law and to find its efficiency and working. The field Law and Economics or Economic Analysis of Law is concerned with this interface between the subjects of law and economics.

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NAGAR, Ranita Dr Center Director, Center for Law and Economics

Centre Members  

  • Faculty Member
  • NAGAR, Ranita Dr, (Department of Social Sciences & Professor of Economics), Dean Research, Head
  • PADH, Harish Dr, Professor Emeritus
  • THAKKAR, Hiteshkumar Dr, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Marisport A. Mr, Assistant Professor of Law
  • MULCHANDANI, Richa Dr, Assistant Professor of History
  • KHAIRE, Deesha Dr, Assistant Professor of Law
  • MANDALIYA, Viralkumar B. Dr, Assistant Professor (Research)
  • Teaching and Research Associate
  • TRIVEDI, Shaily Ms,Teaching and Research Associate (Law)