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Law and Economics: Market, Non-market and Network Transactions
  • The twelve carefully selected contributions to this volume cover a broad range of topics within law and economics from engaging with decisions makers to create a process for the routine collection of empirical evidence to perceived gender discrimination and stress among working professionals. This book is not only an important contribution to law and economics scholarship but will also be of great interest to both universities and research institutions working within the field.
Economic Analysis of Law: An Indian Perspective
  • Sports and Legislature, Eastern Book Company, New Delhi (2015) (ISBN 978-81-910389-2-7), Edited by Prof. Bimal N. Patel and Dr. Richa Sharma
  • This book is divided into eight parts, each of which touches upon various facets of the law, ranging from an introduction to the basic models of economic analysis of law to specialized arenas of constitutional law, commercial laws, torts, personal laws, crimes and environmental laws.
Law and Economics in India: Understanding and Practices
  • This book uses economic tools to analyze and evaluate law and policy in India, applying economic theories such as incentive analysis, cost benefit analysis, and game theory. The essays in this book touch upon Property, Contracts, Torts, the Nuclear Liability Regime, Bankruptcy Law and Procedure, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law and Family Law.

Law and Economics: Breaking New Grounds
  • This books aims to educate and spread awareness amongst professionals and policy makers, helping to build a rational society. It presents an analysis of law from an economic point of view.