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The Centre for Law & Economics (CLE) is a Centre of excellence for research and training in the discipline of Law & Economics (also referred to as the Economic Analysis of Law). The Centre values rigorous work in the discipline and aims to promote awareness of and research in the field. It carries out courses and conferences for scholars, practitioners and students apart from publications on the economic analysis of contemporary legal issues. It aims to produce quality prescriptions for legislators, regulators and government departments and provide clear explanations and guidance to businesses and ordinary citizens alike. The Centre for Law and Economics has always tried to reach out to bright and young minds who have keen interest in employing economic tools and theories for legal analysis. Some of these efforts can be seen at GNLU Centre for Law and Economics page for Past Events. GNLU also offers a Ph.D. degree course in Economics to promote academic skill and research vigor in economics and law.


The mission of the GNLU Law and Economics Center (GLEC) is to create awareness among the general public at large about this nascent field of study, which can play a crucial role in making the Indian Legal System more efficient.

Aims and Objectives
  • To demonstrate the importance of this field in improving the efficiency of laws.
  • To show how law and economics can contribute to policy making and thereby help better deal with prevalent socio-economic problems.
  • To undertake research on contemporary problems, and to further analyze policies from an economic point of view.
  • To collaborate with universities and institutes from across the world to conduct seminars and certificate courses, for dissemination of knowledge.