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It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I am a student member of the Gnlu IPR centre. The relationship between the Centre head and student members is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The past one year spent here has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank Nidhi Ma'am, Hetvi Ma'am and Vaishali Ma'am for their constant guidance and support.

Mr. Pallav Gupta
Centre Member

It has been lovely working for the GNLU IPR Centre the past year. We have been lucky enough to have had workshops and lectures from incredible resource persons in the field of IPR. The research that the committee takes up is always very insightful and makes us aware of the emerging issues in the field of IPR. Dr. Nidhi Buch and both the research assistants are very cooperative and approachable. I love the kind of work that I get to do in the committee and it is definitely very enriching experience.

Ms. Varnita Singh
Centre Member

Despite having been a part of the centre for less than a year, the impact of the center's activities on my understanding of the subject has been huge. Whether it was conducting case law research, preparing study guides, or attending lectures organised by the centre, each experience has been greatly rewarding.

Ms. Smrithi Bhaskar
Centre Member

The centre for IPR, through various courses, guest lectures and research projects has helped me realize my passion for intellectual property laws by exposing me to something that I would not have ordinarily taken up or been aware of. Working for the centre has led to stimulation of discussion on burning issues that need to be addressed in this relatively niche field of IPR.

Ms. Sakshi Sharma
Centre Member

My experience with the centre has been brief but during this brief tenure I've learned a lot of things and it had been a great experience. Therefore, I'll simply say that the GNLU CENTRE FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS is encouraging and research oriented with excellent leadership.

Mr. Kartik Kacchawaha
Centre Member

The GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights is an excellent Centre. Since its inception roughly two years ago, it has worked relentlessly under the able guidance of Centre director Dr. Nidhi Buch to organize and facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas, policy, and law in the emerging field of Intellectual Property Rights. While it is true that the Centre has contributed massively towards domestic policy, the Centre has an International outlook as well evidenced by countless collaborations with International organizations, businesses, and faculty. As a student member, I am proud to represent a Centre that works so closely with industry and contributes actively in terms of scholarship. I thank GNLU Director, Dr. Bimal Patel, for providing the Centre ample resources to explore various facets of the law. I am convinced that this Centre is destined for even greater achievements.

Mr. Aamer Shah
Centre Member

The hospitality was fantastic. The way Panel analysed the whole issue dealing with protecting Softwares through Patents was tremendous.

Dr. Sarika Tyagi
Associate Professor (Law), Swami Vivekanand Subharati University

Whole event was well organised. Being from engineering background - to know legal perspective relating to software patents was good exposure.

Mr. Tushar Gulroz
Engineer, HCL

My experience relating to Panel Discussion was great. I got to learn lot many things from the qualitative and intellectual discussion.

Ms. Afreen Almas
Assistant Profesor (Law) Swami Vivekanand Subharati University

The session was interactive and highly informative. Connecting with highly knowledgeable professionals from different walks of the industry was an insightful experience and provided valuable learning opportunities. Brevity was of the essence as despite being held over a short duration of half a day, the discussion ended with a conclusion, with scope for further deliberations. The event was managed well with attention to detail and as part of the organizing team, I would like to congratulate you for the perfectly executed event.

Ms. Pragya Chaturvedi
Copyright examiner at Copyright Office, India