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GCSL Panel Discussion on Draft National Council of Social Work (Education and Practice) Bill, 2020 (23 March, 2021)

Webinar on "Health Data Management Policy 2020 and its Interface with Personal Data Protection Bill" (19 March, 2021)

E-repository on ‘International Practices on legal aid to persons in police custody’

The GCLS has collaborated with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) on a research project to create an e-repository on "International Practices on legal aid to persons in police custody". The team will be involved in identifying countries having a legal framework which provides for early access to justice and documenting legislations, rules and procedures for legal aid. The students will also assist CHRI to prepare a brief report analyzing and interpreting different models of legal aid delivery identified in these legislations.

Research project on ‘Educational Laws in India’ in collaboration with Centre for Right to Education, IIMA

The GCLS is planning to collaborate with the Centre for Right to Education in Ahmedabad in order to create an e-repository of cases and laws in the field of education. Through this initiative, we would focus on creating a first of its kind e repository on education laws in India. The e-repository would have open access for scholars and researchers.

Proposals in collaboration with government agencies

The GCLS has applied for research grants in response to call for proposals from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in the area of ‘issues faced by religious minorities in the State of Gujarat, and the National Commission for Women (NCW) in the area of ‘cybersecurity issues for women’. The team will work on the proposals once we get the approval for the same.

Snippet News updates

The centre proposes to replace the traditional newsletter with a snippet, which would provide in depth analysis of a contemporary issue in a crisp and visually compelling format. The snippet would be released on a weekly or fortnightly basis, based on availability of content. This will be uploaded on all our social media sites and would also be mailed to all students.

Collaboration with the GNLU Centre for Law and Society on EURO-EXPERT, research project headed by Prof. Livia Holden (Oxford), from our alumnus Mr. Sameer Bhat (Batch 2013-18).

EURO-EXPERT, headed by Prof. Livia Holden, is a research project that looks at use of cultural arguments in connection with rights, more broadly considered as including all kinds of minorities, indigenous people, and cultural heritage in a great variety of cases ranging from criminal law to civil law. It seeks to assess the use and the impact of cultural expertise from an analytical perspective that does not take sides a priori. The project was based at the University of Oxford until March 2020 and has now moved to University Paris Nanterre.