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Release of Volume II of the GNLU Law & Society Review

The Law & Society Review was established in 2018 under the GNLU Centre for Law and Society with an aim to provide a platform where socio-legal issues are studied, analyzed, scrutinized, and criticized using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary methods. The Review is published annually, and is a collaborative faculty cum student led, double-blind peer reviewed to maintain highest quality and standards in publication. The first volume was published in 2019 and it saw contributions from a diverse set of scholars writing on topical issues concerning status of Israeli-Arabs, ethical states, proposals for studying the impact of judicial decisions, need for social boycott laws to name a few. Volume II is a special issue on the theme “Algorithms, Law and Democracy” with Dr. Naveen Thayyil (Associate Professor of Law and STS) at IIT-Delhi as the Guest Editor. The special issue comprises articles written by a host of scholars from India and around the world and students on this emerging but not adequately studied domain, especially in India.

Indian Yearbook of Law & Society, 2019

For as long as the Centre has been in existence, one of its aims has been to promote multidisciplinary perspectives in research and to facilitate a forum for informed analysis and debate regarding socio-legal issues. This aim of the Centre is realized in the form of this book, which values the identifying issues of contemporary importance and distilling academic rigor and expertise with the aim of providing accessible information to practitioners. In the Indian context, such a study is particularly relevant in light of the diverse society and the distinct parity in all aspects. This book identifies and analyzes those laws and policies which are of great significance to the society and further enumerates the inadequacies in the existing frameworks, suggesting effective solutions. Encompassing a wide array of themes, from mental healthcare laws to refugee protection, the book succinctly summarizes the pertinent issues which continue to plague law and policy makers in India.