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I am writing to express my gratitude to GCSEL for hosting me at GNLU. The administrative assistance as well as all other back-up provided to me was excellent and it allowed me to focus on teaching. It was a great experience to teach and simultaneously learn from the course participants. Look forward to remaining in touch and working even more closely in the future.

Mr. Shivam Singh
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

GCSEL is probably one of the best and most active Centres in GNLU. In fact, this Centre was the one which laid the initial foundation for me to be able to explore my career prospects in Sports Law in India. Led by dynamic duo of Dr. Richa Sharma and Mr. Tarun, I am pretty sure GCSEL will keep growing and touching unimaginable heights in the future and I will always be grateful and indebted to them for all their help, support and encouragement.

Vishwajeet Singh
Batch 2013-18, GNLU

Sports was one of my career option since school. Due to this, I have always had an interest in Sports Law but never really got to explore the field. However, the Centre for sports law gave me this opportunity. It helped me gain better insight into the subject through internships under leading firms and sports lawyers as well as seminars and certificate courses. I am grateful for being a part of the Centre and for all the support and encouragement given by our faculty members in the Centre.

Batch 2014-19, GNLU

I've been a part of the Centre since I joined law school. Being inherently interested in sports, the centre channeled my interest by providing me with avenues to reap benefits out of such interest. I have been a member of the sports law cell and have seen the Centre involve itself in great initiatives from organising courses to helping students secure internships and also allowing us to conduct extensive research. The faculty is the driving force in making the Centre a key institution in the field of sports policy making in upcoming years. It has been a great experience to be a part of this initiative.

Naman Lohiya
Batch 2015-20, GNLU

I consider myself as someone who follows multiple sports closely. When I entered GNLU, I got to know that there exists a separate field of law for sports and our University was the only academic institution in the nation to have a Center which was dedicated to conducting learning and research activity in Sports law. The Centre conducts certificate courses, special lecture series, national seminars, training workshops which keeps the academic schedule filled with opportunities to track developments in Sports law. I consider myself quite fortunate that I am associated with the Centre from my first year and past 3 years were full of multiple endeavours, inside and outside GNLU, to know the nitty and gritty of this field of law.

Prateek Srivastava
Batch 2015-20, GNLU

I really enjoyed conducting the Three Day Certificate Course on Gaming Laws from 20th – 22nd January, 2017 and I hope all the students liked the manner in which the course was delivered and benefited from it.

Mr. Amrut Joshi
Founder, GameChanger Law Advisor

GCSEL has been one of the most important parts of my time at GNLU. The Centre helped me streamline my interest and focus my efforts onto particular tangible outcomes. It has helped me understand the field of law better. I have got amazing opportunities to work through the Centre and these opportunities have been instrumental for me as a student of law.

Anant Mittal
Batch 2014-19, GNLU

I had a wonderful opportunity of being a part GCSEL during my time at law school. The Centre has not only helped me develop a great interest in Sports law, but it also provided us with great opportunities to intern under different leading firms and people in this field. The faculty was helpful, supportive and always promoted an environment for positive interaction.

Rishabh Bajpai
Batch 2014-19, GNLU

I have been a part of GCSEL since my second year. It has helped me immensely in exploring the niche area of Sports Law. The Centre provided me opportunities for interacting with sports lawyers, attend certificate courses as well pursue sports law related internships.

Rishika Mendiratta
Batch 2014-19, GNLU

Gnlu Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law (GCSEL) has been a pioneering step towards the development of sports law as a discipline in Gnlu. Having been a member of GCSEL, I can proudly say that it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my academic career. The lecture series, courses (conducted in association with national and international resource persons), critique sessions and research projects undertaken by GCSEL have enhanced my understanding and knowledge in the area of Sports law. GCSEL has also been instrumental in providing me with an internship with Krida Law, a leading sports law firm based in Delhi. GCSEL has carved a niche in the area of sports law and has helped me as a student to pursue my passion for the subject.

Palak Nagar
Batch 2013-18, GNLU