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GNLU's New Sports Law Collection: Read, Lead, Succeed!!
Sr Title of the Books Publisher Author(s) Cost
1 Arbitration at the Olympics, Issues of Fast-Track Dispute Resolution and Sports Law KAUFMANN-KOHLER Wolter Kluwer Euro 106.00
2 Case Studies in Sport Law Pittman Human Kinetics USD 62.00
3 Challenging Sports Governing Bodies Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor, Nick De Marco Bloomsbury GBP 85.00
4 Communication and Sport Andrew C Sage USD 75.00
5 Contemporary Issues in Sport Management Terri Sage GBP 33.99
6 Dispute Resolution in sport McArdie Routledge GBP 32.99
7 Doping in Sport and the Law Haas Bloomsbury GBP 80.00
8 Football and the law Marco Bloomsbury GBP 90.00
9 Guide to Taxation of Sportspersons in Certain Relevant Jurisdictions GARRIGUES Wolter Kluwer Euro 68.00
10 Introduction to Sport Law Spengler Human Kinetics USD 88.00
11 Law and Sport in Contemporary Society Green Field Routledge GBP 42.99
12 Modern Sports Law: A textbook Anderson Bloomsbury GBP 32.99
13 Sport: Law and Practice Lewis Bloomsbury GBP 250.00
14 Sport and Communication - Four Volume Set Raymond Sage GBP 655.00
15 Sport Politics- Four Volume Set Jonathan Sage GBP 625.00
16 Sport Sociology Peter Sage GBP 29.99
17 Sport, Physical Recreation and the law Hartley Routledge GBP 39.99
18 Sports and the law Major legal Cases Quirk Routledge GBP 40.99
19 Sports History - Four Volume Set Wray Sage GBP 625.00
20 Sports Law Michael Beloff, Tim Kerr, Marie Demetriou Hart Publishing GBP 110.00
21 Sports Law : A Managerial Approach Share Routledge GBP 59.99
22 The SAGE Handbook of Sport Management Russell Sage GBP 120.00
23 When Sport Meets Business Ulrik Sage GBP 33.99
24 Sports Law Practice Michie Lexis USD 421.00