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Research Projects

Analysis of the 213th Law Commission Report
  • The Centre has undertaken to conduct an empirical analysis of backlog of cases where the cheque was dishonoured. With growing digitization of market, there is more exposure and new complications like cross-border transactions, electronic signatures, authentic information etc. The project aims to look at these issues by conducting empirical research.
Clean Ganga Project
  • The project aims to understand the poor condition of the river Ganga and develop solutions using economic tools and applying basic principles of law and economics of regulation. This project has culminated into a writing a book under the aegis of Prof. Regis Lanneau of University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense.
Right To Privacy
  • The latest judgment delivered by the Apex Court by a 9 Judge Bench which declares that the right to privacy is a fundamental right. The Centre has analysed the judgment from an economic perspective, backing the study with strong empirical research and data. The investigation looks at the various implications of the landmark decision, classifying the pros and cons and the impact on our daily lives.
Handbook On Law And Economics
  • The Handbook on Law and Economics project intends to develop this field in the Indian scenario by further elucidating concepts of the subject by making use of Indian legislations and examples which have applied the principle. A student initiative, the Handbook makes an attempt to make the subject student-friendly by explaining the concepts in lucid and simple language.
Towards Efficient Judicial Reforms
  • The Centre aims to understand the functioning of the Indian Judiciary using economics and efficiency. The project entails a study of the judicial structure, the powers and how efficiency can be achieved in the existing mechanism. The project also compares the alternatives to the judiciary today.
G20 Policy Paper
  • The Centre conducted research on why India should host a G 20 Summit, by looking into the benefits of the same. The project also entails an analysis of India’s capabilities of bidding for the same.