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Volume 1 Issue 2

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Foreword by Justice Dr. B.S. Chauhan

Editorial Note

Editorial Board
GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics

It is said that law is a jealous mistress and a zealous inspirer. As the second issue of GJLDP is poised to be published, we feel how misleading the first part of the above statement is. It is indeed true that law is a zealous inspirer, but this journal has always spearheaded the attempt of conglomerating law with several other disciplines. Law may be our forte, our beacon light of a successful career, but law alone will not take a person to the very peak of success. By wedding law with the other disciplines, the concept of interdisciplinary theme is begeted and the rubrique of the premise of our journal is established.

From being limited to the fields of politics, economics and law in the first issue, we have ventured into the fields of science, seeking to find out the liaison between the two issues which were considered antimatter at a point of time. Science has given answers to raise more questions and has corroborated the legal point with its mystic yet provable dream s. We have moved on to the issue of mediation wherein the general public has the power to settle the cases amicably where th ere is a 'win-win' situation for both the parties rather going to a court of law, where there is always a winner and a loser.

Dealing with chequered comparatives of iconoclastic demeanour, we have moved on to issues which have given rise to titanic debates centuries across, the world over. Bound by the pages of this journal, we have endeavored to bring to our readers the spice of variety, the mystiques of promptitude and the proof of durability.

The environmental aspect is not far behind. We have looked into developmental perspectives of a sliver nature, the concurrent subject matters which are disillusioning the world leaders to take steps of a nature where the concepts of peace and war are converging in the giant horizon of humanity.

Law is of course a zealous inspirer. From international arena we have moved on to the tortuous sections of an invariable comportment. The most recent fields of the treasured Pandora box of legal treasures have been provoked to be elucidated in a style so fluid as to relegating the invariable attitude of harshness to oblivion.

The psychology of a being is unique. From transference to its counter mirror images, we have seen how the expertise of jurisprudence has been carved and etched in this journal with a true essence of per mutating the beauty of despair and the glory of hope. The commerce bandwagon is not far behind. From the jingle to money to mingle of the harsh tinsel town of finance, we have examined the business of old in a scenario so grand, as to lull the consumers of the modern day in a trance of ever demanding dream purchases.

The journal is growing up. Like a child learning his steps on the soft clay of education, we are trying to gain knowledge. Illuminating ourselves with the light of other days, we are picking up pebbles from the shore of academics, while the vast ocean of evergreen knowledge is lying before us waiting to be explored and the horizons of comprehension ever widened by efforts of the inward faith.


Old and New Threats: The Changing Nature of International Security

Mahdi Mohammad Nia

The Role of Causation in Decision of Tort Law

Robert C. Robinson

A Social-Market Economy for Rapid Sustainable Development

Dr. Jur. Eric Engle

International and National Outlook of Inter-Country Adoption in India

Ashish Virk & Aman A. Cheema


Evolution and Legislative History of Mediation

Niranjan Bhatt

Energy Security and India-China Cooperation

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Singh

A “Brand” New Look at Business: Brand Management Strategies for Carving a Global Corporate Identity

Shwetasree Majumder

Climate Change: The Politics of Science

S. Chatterjee

Searching for Understanding in Intellectual Property’s Role in Development

James A. Larson & Stephan Podobinski

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Nexus Between Jurisprudence, Natural Law, and Genre Depictions of Genocide

Renee A. Pistone