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Volume 1 Issue 1

Message by Soli J. Sorabjee

Editorial Note

Editorial Board
GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics

One significant predicament with the academic community, especially in India, is about perceiving academic subjects and concepts in very water tight compartments, without allowing any of the serious academic discourse to lend or borrow from resources of other subject, thus forming a void leading to static body of knowledge. Inter-disciplinary perspectives to a subject need to be evolved through borrowing from other allied and relevant knowledge areas, culminating in knowledge and subject areas with free boundaries. The overlap of underlying concepts of the subject areas, tries to eradicate the functional difficulty of limitation in application, hence delivers to a wider scholarly platform, enhancing the scope and reach of both the subject areas.

SGujarat National Law University as a center for excellence in legal studies, proposes to mitigate the dearth of trans-subject research in law by constructing an inter-disciplinary approach between law, development and politics through GNLU Journal of Law Development and Politics (GJLDP). By trying to bring Law; Development and Politics on a single knowledge platform where osmosis between these disciplines of knowledge is freely possible, we embark upon an endeavor which is first of its kind in India.

We hope GJLDP could contribute its share in the dialogue between law, development and politics, which at most of time goes unseen. As the first academic journal to look at the inter-disciplinary aspect between Law Development and Politics, which are three value loaded terms in itself, we believe that it is the obligation of the academia to initiate discussion, analyse the various issues that are being faced by India and world at large and propose solution for the same.

The GJLDP have two segments, the article section and the commentaries section. The articles and commentaries of the initial issue of GJLDP reflect the inter-disciplinary values for which the journal stands for. In the initial issue we have articles and commentaries which commence the quest over a wide range of issues such as sustainability and Gandhian ideology, race and gender in American politics and trends in terrorism.

We sincerely hope GJLDP would become a platform for the academic and intellectual community, with scholars, lawyers, judges, policy makers and students using the journal for initiating and furthering academic dialogue. We also hope that this journal initiative would have an impact upon the policy formulation and instrumental in proposing resolution for the contemporary concerns.

We take great contentment in placing before the intellectual and academic community the GNLU Journal of Law Development and Politics (GJLDP), the first journal in India dealing with inter-disciplinary aspect of Law, Development and Politics. We look forward to the encouragement and opinion of the readers and the entire academic fraternity.


The Question of Gender and Race in American Politics

Dr. K. P. Vijayalakshmi and Nabila Sadiq

Human Rights and Time Factors in Cultural Diversity: Challenge to the Universalist and a Search for Equilibrium

A. B. Abdulkadir

Some Significant Facets of Principles of Natural Justice

K. C. Jain

Human Rights Perspective of Public Health Issues

Justice Sunil Ambwani

The Patent Act, 1970 and the Flexiblities Available in the TRIPS Agreement

Vidya Sunderam


Terrorism Trends in India

Wilson John

Mahatma Gandhi and Sustainable Development

Satya Narayana Sahu

Is it a Time for Change in Economic System?

Anoop Sikumaran