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About Centre

About the Centre:

The developments in the different fields of science and technology, its pervasiveness amongst the application in daily life and the escalating number of legal issues revolving around these fields, is resulting focus on legal professionals possessing an eclectic mixture of knowledge of science and technology with the law. This unique marriage of science and law has developed over the years, a separate demand for such legal professionals.

The Centre strives to keep its stakeholders abreast with the developments in either of the fields and ensure providing a platform for the creation of the academic blend of science and law by raising awareness, holding capacity building programs not limiting to conferences, quizzes, and talks, at the University, ultimately enhancing the acumen and quality of research at regional, national and international levels. This will, in turn, help build responsible future legal professionals acquainted with the convergence of the science enabling them to contribute not only to the legal systems of India but of the world, at large and in general to the society, effectively as per the need of the hour.

Aims and Objectives:
  • To provide a platform amongst its stakeholders to create an academic blend of Technology and Law.
  • To collaborate with Universities/Institutions/Organizations across the globe to undertake activities of mutual interest in the field of application of science, technology and law, including other allied domains.
  • To undertake research activities in the field of application of science, technology and law.
  • To undertake a plethora of extension and training activities not limiting to the conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia etc.
  • To facilitate the offering of capacity building programmes like Certificate or short-term course modules.
  • To undertake consultancy activities assisting the Government Departments and other stakeholders.