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Digital financial literacy through digital india: study of its impact in the rural areas of three districts of gujarat
  • The question of the level of digital financial literacy especially in regard to e-banking in the rural areas of the state of Gujarat is a very pertinent question. There has been a surge on the usage of digital platforms for financial transactions globally. In India as well there has been an emphasis on moving towards a digital and cashless economy. The current Prime Minister has time and again placed on record his vision for Indian economy and society to be a digitally empowered. In light of this, GCBFL has undertaken the present study under the financial assistance received from the Government of to understand the factual realities at the grassroots level. With the current government’s emphasis on transforming India into a digital society and empowering the society digitally, this study shall bring to attention the factual realities in the rural areas of the state of Gujarat and highlight if there are any major issues or challenges that the citizens face with regards to attaining digital financial literacy. The study shall also attempt to come up with suggestions which shall help the governmental authorities to bridge the existing gaps so that the digital awareness and literacy of the rural citizens can be increased.