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Cambridge University Press eTextbooks

About Cambridge University Press eTextbooks : Higher Education from Cambridge University Press offers the highest quality content and resources from leading authors to instructors and students, supporting successful teaching and learning journeys in today’s rapidly changing educational environment. CUP textbooks cover many subjects across Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Nursing, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences.

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Trial Access to "Project MUSE Journals"

About  Project MUSE : Project MUSE is the source of full-text versions of journal titles from a number of university presses and scholarly societies. It hosts more than 800 journals and more than 90,000 books from nearly 400 leading university presses, scholarly societies, and related publishers. Books and journals are fully integrated into Project MUSE's robust and accessible scholar-designed platform. Project MUSE also offers nearly 5,000 open-access books and several open-access journals on the platform.

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Trial Access to "Taxsutra database"

About Taxsutra: Taxsutra is a leading online tax news and analysis platform in India. It provides real-time coverage of income tax, G.S.T., transfer pricing, and other tax-related information and developments. Taxsutra also offers a comprehensive database of tax rulings, case laws, and other resources. 

Trial Access to "Taxsutra database"

Access Valid Until February 10th, 2024

Trial Access to "Kluwer Competition Law Database"

About   Kluwer Competition Law  Database : It is a leading online resource for EU and international competition law research. It contains three practice tools, a wealth of commentary from expert authors, an extensive collection of primary source materials, and a news alert service. 

Kluwer Competition Law  Trial Access:

  • Access Method: IP-based access
  • Access Valid Until February 07th, 2024