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"GNLU welcomes 2012 batch students and Director addresses them with the words", "You will shape the destiny of India and the World", 9th July, 2012

Gratitude – GNLU thanks Prof Madhav Menon, the founder and mentor of NLUs of India, the Bar Council of India and each of the 14 states of the Indian Union which has established the NLU – the dream is to provide legal infrastructure to the Nation.
GNLU thanks the NLU Jodhpur which administered the CLAT 2012 and made it possible for all of you to attend this orientation day.
GNLU thanks the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and Hon’ble Visitor Mr Justice Anil Dave for kindly guiding the GNLU to become the world class law university. Friends, we are privileged that we not only have plans and efforts to become the world class law university, but we have indeed the world class facilities – the 50 acres of land in the Knowledge Corridor, and the most generous capital grant of 150 crore by the Government of Gujarat, the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, the Hon’ble Law Minister Mr Dilip Sanghani, and the Law Department – neither the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India nor the Hon’ble Chief Minister had such education facilities, but they had and have vision, dreams and they have commitment, to provide best of the education facilities, unparalleled anywhere in the world, to the future generations of India and we all, students, parents, staff, faculty, are witness to the realisation of their dreams and hard-work. UGC recognising GNLU model for access, equity, relevance and standards have generously added 5 crore to this world class infrastructure. We offer our special tributes to Hon’ble Mr Kirit Raval and Hon’ble Mr Ashok Bhatt, who cherished the GNLU vision and nourished so well in the initial years.
Friends, gratitude and sense of service are two sides of a coin. The more you serve, more you are thanked or appreciated. The parents, we all teachers, staff and the GNLU as a whole have great hopes from you that by choosing the legal education, you have embarked upon a journey of transforming the future of this great nation and the world, as what Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel, all lawyers did.
Aspiration: With 45 full-time faculty members from all parts of the nation, brothers and sisters from nearly all states of India, excellent library and other infrastructure facilities, you shall aspire to become the best or model example in whichever path of legal or allied profession you will choose. Aspire to become the first GNLU President of the International Court of Justice, First GNLU Chief Justice of India, finest lawyers and legal advisers and be in the fame and reputation of Setalvad, Palkhiwala, Sorabjee, Seervai, Jethmalani, dream to serve the world’s richest and most influential corporate conglomerates be it IBM, Adani, Reliance, Tatas, Microsoft, as legal advisers with high sense of corporate social responsibility to the civil society, prepare yourself to become great law teachers and enlighten the future generations, serve the society like Wangari Mathai, Mohammd Yunus, Ilaben Bhatt and the great social transformers, Our PSUs are looking forward for talented and skilled legal advisers for their multibillion expansions in Africa, Asia and Europe…the legal profession, unlike any other profession, can be full of achievements throughout your life…so dream and you will realise.
Devote: Unless we devote, the aspirations will remain merely a mirage. Devote yourself from day one to the highest standards of studies, be it BA, BCom, BBA, BSc, BSW and LLB, devote yourself that each day of my life I shall devote for the wellbeing of myself, my parents, my society, the nation and the humanity at large. Devote time to do research, write, sport, bring cultural confluence and make the university even more vibrant that it has been till today. As a University, we are devoted to realise the indicators of achievements of our medium term plan, namely, excellence in education, research, training, extension, public-private partnership, best management practices, infrastructure, placement and our alumni.
Global to Grass-Root and Grass-Root to Global Approach: GNLU operates at three levels and we have clear vision, strategy and action plans for these three levels. Let me give you an example, last year, GNLU organised the Global Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Conference discussing the economic, security, political, humanitarian, legal issues whereby 35 countries – from Argentina to Australia and Sweden to Madagascar. GNLU students together with faculty and staff made it a most successful and useful. However, at the same time, once the conference was over, the same students who were interacting with world authorities, went out in remote parts and villages of Gujarat in our noble aim to help the judiciary and government to reduce the backlog of cases. If the Developing World Review on Trade and Competition is being published by the GNLU and circulated to 150 nations by the WTO in Geneva, our Gujarat Law Journal, both first of its kind, bring out scholarship, research and critical analysis having relevance for the state. If the Visiting Foreign Professors will teach you corporate and business laws of Germany or Japan, we will also have police inspectors helping you to learn how a First Information Report is being prepared and filed and what are the nuances of presenting oneself at the Trial Court. GNLU will offer you 8 foreign languages as well as Sanskrit, it will also offer you Guajrati, for non-Gujarati speakers. The reason is simple – Gujarat growing at high economic speed and ensuring wholesome development, its corporates, PSUs, banks, judiciary, government departments, NGOs, academic and research institutions also need good lawyers and legal advisers who can converse in Gujarati. Thus, teaching, research, extension and training – you will be trained to operate at three levels throughout your five years stay.
Goodness is an essential component of curriculum at the GNLU, we expect and that too, firmly, that you always conduct yourself in a good disciplinary manner. Unless you will have adequate goodness marks in your conduct, you will be ineligible for undertaking final exam. Please do not get indulge into any kind of untowards behaviour – smoking is prohibited not only in the academic premises, but if any staff finds you smoking anywhere during your stay, a heavy penalty of 2500 is imposed…after three penalties, be prepared to pack up your luggage to go home and rest for one whole semester, drinking too is prohibited and the penalty are high too. Let me share an example of a parent over here…last year, one parent whose daughter was found drinking came to argue with us and say, in my state, the drinking is allowed and since she drank while she was outside of Gujarat, you cannot impose any penalty…we simply said if anyone is found, he/she regardless of parental habits and pampering, is subjected to severe penalty…attendance is must, unless 67% attendance records, you can be barred from sitting in final exams, no ragging whatsoever nature, rather we encourage all to be helpful to others, like what you have in many Western European universities…exam rules are strict and they are being revised, as we talk which will be applicable to 2012 batch onwards, 50% minimum passing mark, minimum passing of 8 subjects in the first two years each before being promoted to the next year and to get into 4th year, you must clear all subjects….the culture of yoga and music is very much in the university, you have excellent open sports facilities and the more and more indoor facilities will be added
To parents: Please kindly give your full and complete contact details, GNLU sends every morning attendance records of their children to parents, please read my letter which is sent at the end of every semester, please discuss the student performance record sheet which too is being sent and to be signed by both parents, please try to attend mid-term parents meeting, GNLU has mentoring system, and each faculty will have 25-20 students and they try to meet three times a year provided students also turn up for mentoring and counselling
Academic Support Program – a unique program across the nation is run at the GNLU, so if any student is weak in any subject, he/she shall not worry, because he/she can simply request Dr Param, the Convener and he together with faculty and senior students will organise special support coaching programs for you…the faculty have consultation hours, so please try to meet them during the designated hours only for any query or assistance…I emphasis email communication while seeking any matter with my office, as this enables me to do homework first before meeting you…
Your feedback to faculty and staff is important because GNLU highly values the feedback of students, as it helps us to understand your needs, concerns and interests better and to deliver better teaching and research skills, student feedback is mandatory for releasing of the results
Finally, GNLU is aiming to become the Research Based Teaching University under which each of us thoroughly researches the scholarship, the general developments, consults foreign universities and professors, carries out surveys, and identifies conferences and workshops before coming to the class. Thus, we hope that our model and aim to become a RBTU will be followed by other NLUs in the nation.
Excellent Financial Assistance and Scholarships: GNLU has allocated 55 lakhs Rs this year for various scholarships – student research associate scholarships, internship in international organisations, student exchange, research, participation in moot court and conferences, etc.
We expect and will involve each of you in one or other teaching, research, extension and training activities and programs and thus, we will become what we will collectively dream and work together.
In the end, I conclude by offering one personal example – my parents had faith when I wanted to go for foreign study and they obtained a loan at 18% and simply encouraged me to study with the highest goals in the life, I studied with the loan and still undertook free internship at the UN…in other words, accumulating debts, debts of finance and gratitude and one very fine day, I could open my eyes with my first job in the world’s finest institution, the United Nations…the debt, the hardships and the challenges did not deter me for I had firm courage and vision for myself, parents, nation and the world…dear students, all parents had high hopes from you, as the Head of the University I request you to pay back each and every penny and service which our parents had done for you with respect, humility, and sincerity.
If you will become a person with a high sense of moral, integrity, honesty, truth and fairness to one and all, then we all would feel a great sense of satisfaction and this would be our achievement and achievement of our parents too.
Thank you and once again welcome to a wonderful five year academic journey at the GNLU.
With a view to promote
Bimal N. Patel,