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Research Publications - Paper

Research Publications - Paper


Sarada Chit Fund, Ponzi Scam: A warning signal for under regulated non-banking companies (NBFCS) in Gujarat, Pg 28-56, Gujarat Law Journal, Vol 3 issue 1, ISSN 2249-9644, 2014.

Dr. Ranita Nagar ( & Mr. Hitesh Thakakr (


"Socially Responsible Investment: Lessons from leading Environment Funds", Corporate Governance: Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Indian Economic Environment (2014), ISBN - 978-93-5122-000-8. 

Dr. Viral Pandya (


 a)      Published an Article entitled 'Need for Piracy Legislation in India' in the 'Lighthouse', a Journal of OSI under the aegis of the Indian Maritime Foundation, Issue 7, April 2014. 

b)      Published an article entitled 'A Continuing Maritime Boundary Dispute: India and Bangladesh' in 'Seagull' the Journal of the Indian Maritime Foundation, Vol. 18, No 76, February 2014.

c)      Published an article entitled 'The Dilemma of Enforceability of the Armed Conflict Laws' in SSRN - Cultural Anthropology e-Journal and the Social and Political Philosophy e-Journal in Feb 2014.

d)      Published an article entitled 'Women, Violence and Gender Justice: A Human Rights Perspective' on SSRN - Women, Law and Human Rights e-Journal in 2013. 

Dr. Joshua Aston (


"Enterprising a Greener Tomorrow: Role of Ecopreneurs", p.g. 216-221, Asian Resonance - A Peer-Review Multi-Disciplinary International Research Journal, ISSN No. 0976-8602 VOL.-II, ISSUE-III, JULY-2013.

Dr. Ranita Nagar (


• Published paper in International Research Journal of Social Science, Vol 2(2), 27-33, February (2013), ISSN 2319-3565  titled as  “Mainstreaming Economic Empowerment of Women through State Govt. Scheme (Sakhi Mandal Scheme) in Kheda District India” co-authred with Dr. Kalpana Satija available online at

• Published paper in Book “Law Development and Socio Economic Policies: challenges in 21st Century India, Eastern Book Company, ISBN 93-5028723-4 2012. Paper titled as Contribution of Forensic Toxicology in Crime Investigation: past and Present, p. 255-267, co-authored with Dr. Thomas Mathew.

Dr.  Richa Sharma (


1.      Published Research Paper on “Protection of Traditional Knowledge: A burning question in Current Intellectual Property Rights regime” in International Journal of Education for Human Services, Vol. 4 No. 2 June, 2014, ISSN: 0976-1128

2.      Published an article on “Protection of Traditional Knowledge through Intellectual Property Laws: Need of the Hour” in Sambodh Magazine, Volume III, Academic Year 2013 – 2014, Published by Bhavan’s Harilal Bhagawati Institute of Communication & Management, Ahmedabad.

Mr. Hardik Parikh ( 


Paper Published:

1."Enterprising a Greener Tomorrow: Role of Ecopreneurs", p.g. 216-221, Asian Resonance - A Peer-Review Multi-Disciplinary International Research Journal, ISSN No. 0976-8602 VOL.-II, ISSUE-III, JULY-2013 (Co-author).

2."The recent economic crisis: Unleashing the creative economic revolution & the paradigm shift towards a new economic order", Chapter 11, p.g. 188-197, published in book "Recent Advances in Management", Prateeksha Publications, ISBN: 978-93-80626-73-4, 2013(Co-author).

Hitesh Thakkar (


• “Folk-Songs, Politics and Change: A Tribute Pete Seeger” February, 2014 Url:
(Link: 07:folk-songs-politics-and-change-a-tribute-pete-seeger&catid=53:bio-pick&Itemid=90)

• Co-authored  with Ningthoujam Koiremba Singh. “Drug Trafficking and Narco-terrorism as Security Threats: A Study of India’s North-east”, India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, March 2013 Vol.69, No. 1: 65-82. (ISSN: 0974-9284)
• Working Paper: “Emerging Golden Era of Indo-Japanese Bilateral Relations” GNLU Centre for Foreign Policy and Security Studies, Working Paper No.1, October, 2013

• Book: “Security Dilemma of Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Analysis”, Ruby Press, New Delhi, 2013 (ISBN: 978-93-82395-02-7) 

Dr. William Nunes (


Co-authored the paper "How Operational are Public Private Partnerships in City Bus Services: An Indian Perspective", The International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure (Gandhinagar-India, 11-12 January, 2014),Published by Excel India Publishers, ISBN NO: 978-96-82880-97-4 

Dr. Mahesh Chaudhary (


Food Security Law: Interdisciplinary perspective, Assistant Editor, Eastern Book Company (2014), ISBN: 93-5145-026-0.
Reviewer: Biology STD XI(semester II) Published by Gujarat state Board of  School Textbooks (2011 Academic year on wards according to new syllabus) 

Dr. Bindu Vijay ( 


1.      Challenges to Legal Education: Globalization and Development of Standards - An interview in a leading law-magazine Lex-Witness, July 2014

2. Reforming Legal Education: A Wish List - An interview in Careers360 Higher Education Agenda for Government, July 2014 

Dr. K. Parameshwaran (


Published a paper on "Education & Library exception under Indian Copyright Act: An analysis in a book on conference proceedings by GNLU
Accepted f paper on "TRIPS Flexibilities & Public Interest: Impact of Free Trade Agreements to publish in Journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Ms. Rujitha Shenoy (


Published the Paper Presented in the 'National Level Seminar on Capacity Development in Learning Society' held on March 10, 2014 at S.R.K.D.K M.Ed. College, Palanpur  titled, 'The Role of ICT for Access to Education among Disabled Students- Disabled but not Disqualified' in the Journal of Research Matrix with ISSN- 2321-7073

Jagdeesh Chandra (


International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research JSSIR, Vol. 3 (2), FEBRUARY (2014)  NAGOYA PROTOCOL – A WAY AHEAD IN PROTECTING THE GENETIC RESOURCES 

Prof. Shobhalata V. Udapudi (


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