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Organized Diploma course in Financial Markets & Regulation, 2014
The GNLU/IIFS Diploma in Financial Markets and Regulation launched on 21st day of July 2014 was aimed to provide quality managerial & legal knowledge in the financial markets and the investment industry. The Diploma was designed to introduce participants to the structure and functioning of the Financial Markets in India and abroad, including industry participants and financial services and products now available, and; equip the participants with an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework governing the financial markets, including regulatory institutions, and all applicable financial sector laws and regulations. Also through this collaboration both the entities tried to develop an inter-disciplinary environment for the students to deal with the growing demands of the Financial Markets.
The Diploma course structure was designed to enable the successful participant to either practice independently as a legal/compliance professional or take up Compliance Officer’s role in exchanges, Brokerage houses, Banks, Investment firms, or Law firms.
Following were the participants:
  • Law students and legal advisors planning or pursuing Financial Sector related legal careers
  • Compliance officers in financial institutions including brokerage firms, investment institutions, exchanges, depositories and registrars
  • Management professionals from the financial market participants such as exchanges, brokerage houses, investment banking firms, investment advisory firms, mutual funds and investment institutions.
  • Independent practitioners like Chartered Accountants, pursuing financial planning, investment advisory or wealth management advisory services
The Financial Markets and Regulation Diploma was the First in a series of Legal and Regulatory Programs which aimed at covering Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services industry segments as well.

Last Updated : 31-05-2017