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GNLU Model United Nations Society (MUNSoc)

Model United Nations (MUN)

A Model United Nations is an academic simulation in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. MUN is a program organised by universities and schools world over with the goals of furthering understanding about the functioning of the United Nations, educating participants about world issues and promoting peace through cooperation and diplomacy. Participation in this activity enables students to develop skills such as teamwork, persuasive writing, debating, and negotiation, which are important both for personal development and for career purposes. In recent years, its verb- MUNing - has become one of the widest platforms that allow students to debate, deliberate, and negotiate on some global issues or concern about peace and security, environment, food security, environment, development, poverty etc., and the delegates learn how international community work or should act on these issues.

Former Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld once said about how the UN was not created to take humanity to heaven, but to prevent it from going to hell. A Model UN, in essence, is a rostrum to develop such hell aversion skills.

About GNLU Model United Nations Society

The GNLU Model United Nations Society was founded in March 2015, with an aim to promote and foster an MUN culture amongst students within the University and outside. It aims to provide a platform where learning is facilitated by allowing students to confront a range of issues that the world is facing today. The objective is to enable students to broaden their worldview, develop an appreciation of differing views, face the challenges of negotiations, see the benefits and rewards of cooperation and discover the human side of international relations and diplomacy. At GNLU, the society too aims to prepare students not only for their future careers but for global citizenship as well. The MUN Society does this through conducting intra-rounds every semester, as well as organising a national-level inter-college MUN conference. Though in a small way, we aim to fulfil the goals set out by the founders of the United Nations in the Preamble of the Charter: “to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours,” and to further this aim, the Society hosted its first national-level MUN, GNLUMUN’16.
The objectives of the MUNSoc are to:

  • Create a culture for MUNs by carrying out orientation sessions for interested students as well as reimburse registration fees to encourage participation (per student per national conference per semester, determined after two internal rounds);
  • Attempt to strengthen students' abilities as potential delegates and encourage a deeper understanding of the nuances of diplomacy and presentation of research in a simulated setting;
  • Organize an inter-collegiate MUN conference with participation from national and international delegates;
  • Sensitise students and disseminate information about the possible benefits of a career with international organizations as well within the realms of international law;
  • Attempt to create a melting pot of students interested in international law as well as offer a platform to eminent scholars and alumni to interactwith the students in furtherance of the same;
The MUNSoc functions as a committee that is reconstituted every even semester and is convened by the Student Secretary General of the MUNSoc. Membership to the MUNSoc is based on stringent entry requirements which include an objective test, a position paper and a personal interview. Each candidate’s previous experience is taken into consideration before being given a position in the MUNSoc. However, first year students (LLB and LLM) shall be registered as trainees for one semester and their membership will be confirmed based on their performance.The MUNSoc hopes to have representation from each of the batches of the LLB and LLM programmes.
Membership to the MUNSoc entails inter alia, the following:

  • Waiver from participation in the 1st Intra Rounds in both semesters;
  • An executive board position to judge the 1st Intra Rounds in both semesters;
  • A vote in the elections conducted for office bearers within the MUNSoc;
  • Membership to the Organising Committee of the GNLU MUN;
  • First-hand exposure to various aspects related to MUNs as well as opportunities in the field of international law.


GNLUMUN is a MUN conference hosted at the national level, open to both colleges and schools. Its first edition, hosted in March, 2016, saw the participation of 180 delegates across 6 committees, and was witness to a panel discussion hosted in collaboration with UNICEF – a first in the Gujarat MUN circuit. The second edition was held on 10th to 12th February, 2017. The Third Edition of GNLUMUN is scheduled to be held form 6-8 April 2018. official webpage of the GNLUMUN Conference.

Faculty Convener

  • Faculty Convener: Dr. William Nunes
  • Faculty Co-convener: Dr. Aruna Kumar Malik
  • Secretary: Mr. Nirmal Patel

Office Bearers

  • Secretary General: Advaidh Nelakanttan
  • Deputy Secretary General: Varun Srinivasan
  • Director General: Ikshit Mittal
  • Treasurer: Raghav Bhargava

Last Updated : 16-10-2017.