Gujarat National Law University

With its core values of Efficiency, Integrity, Teamwork, and Care for Social Responsibility, the GNLU is a venture of the Gujarat state government to create a centre for quality legal education and training for the aspiring lawyers of the state and the country. It is a statutory University created in the year 2003 by the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003 and is recognized by the Bar Council of India. The Act aims at the establishment of an institution to advance and disseminate the knowledge of law and its role in national progress on the grand avenues of legal development, by polishing the skills of advocacy, legal service, and legislation possessed by the future bearers of its legal firmament. It has the honour of being a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). With the mission of imparting legal knowledge through a learner-centric model based on pedagogical study, and to undertake research in order to assist institutions of governance, judiciary, economy and civil society with valuable and mutually beneficial services.

Its diversified organs are dedicated to pursuing the furtherance of knowledge and development in various spheres of law and its inter-disciplinary sciences. Its Centre for Foreign Policy and Security aims at the critical analysis of Foreign Policy and Security Issues in a rapidly evolving international environment. Being situated in one of the most commercially developed states of India which has a high percentage of overseas transactions, the Centre for Private International Law of GNLU is devoted to creating public awareness regarding Private International Law and deliberating on ways to resolve conflict of laws of various legal systems and the questions and hurdles presented before the modern-day thinkers and policy-makers in the wake of globalization. It has specialized centres for law and society, law and economics, law and business policy, environment and sustainable development, and public policy.

The University endeavours to update itself by anticipating, deliberating and projecting future requirements and interests of its stakeholders. It is persevering towards the fast realizing dream of being rated among the top fifty institutions of law in the world by the year 2020, while achieving and sustaining the zenith of the legal realm in India.

MUNs have always played a pivotal role in ensuring effective debate and deliberation. The MUN Society of GNLU, created under the aegis of its Centre for Public International Law in 2015, has helped in ensuring that students are acquainted with the art of MUNing and are able to realistically experience the proceedings of the UN by putting themselves in the shoes of diplomats. It is a student run body aimed at instilling a comprehensive mindset in its members as well as developing abilities like speaking, debating and negotiating by participating in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. To ensure that the students enhance their skills of diplomacy, regular MUNs are conducted within the college to practice quality debate and fruitful negotiations. The MUNSoc strives to nurture its members as future negotiators on global platforms.

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